Happiness is a daily choice

Entrepreneur Mindset: happiness is a daily choice

In this post I’m talking why happiness is a daily choice, not only does it help you feel better but it helps you to be more successful.

Now you might think I’m crazy but…

I’ve worked with all types of entrepreneurs and small business owners so I’ve gotten to see how having a good state of mind positively affects building a successful business.

Your happiness affects the state of your business

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we wear a lot of hat plus we are responsible for many things.

Not just the bottom line, managing our teams, marketing…the list goes on and on.

We are responsible for our own motivation and our mindset.

Having the right mindset plus a healthy amount of motivation makes it possible for us to accomplish more in our work days.

It’s all too easy to forget the mindset part and how crucial it is to have the right energy to attract clients and build your business.  Without it, having the best marketing funnels, the biggest social media following or huge list will work in your favor.

You see your mindset permeates everything you do…I’ve see it in action many times working with clients.

Being happy is an important part of this.

Yeah you might be thinking…I’ve got all these things to worry about…I don’t have the time to make happiness a daily choice.

Well I’m laying it out for you, if you don’t make happiness part of your daily routine it will affect your business.

Are you wondering why you haven’t gotten to where you want to be?

It might just be time to take a look inside and see what is really holding you back.


Don’t make these mistakes:

  1.  Putting your happiness off for another day…now is the only time.
  2.  Getting locked into other’s ideas of happiness…ending up living a life or working a job that you didn’t choose
  3. Trying to impress others, putting on a false face…instead of being genuinely happy.

Actively look for things that bring you joy and happiness


Your happiness is a daily choice, here a few things to remember and help you get on with being happy every day.

  1. It comes from inside of you…it’s a state of mind
  2. It’s a choice you can make with a little help
  3. Practicing gratitude is a good way to start the the happiness flowing inside of you.
  4. Count your blessings, look for the good and focus on all that you have right now


Create a morning ritual that supports your happiness and build a foundation for a better day.

  1.  Wake up and immediately as you are coming into consciousness take time to focus on the good
  2. Find time to meditate in the morning – even 5 or 10 minutes can make a difference in the rest of your day
  3. Practice kindness – let someone close to you know how much you mean to them
  4. Journal daily – start by writing everything you are grateful for
  5. Read something positive  – turn off the TV, censor what you chose to read and instead find something uplifting and motivational to start your day.
  6. Get up and move!  Studies show that getting in exercise will lift your mood.

Happiness is a daily choice you get to make and building a morning routine can do wonders for the rest of your day.

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Start to look around you during the day…look for other things that bring you joy and happiness into your life then make more time for them.

Get started making happiness a daily choice…your family, friends and your business will thank you.


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