The Profitable Content Creator’s Guide

profitable content creators guide

How to make every hour and action count The step by step guide to working smarter and creating profitable blog posts It’s no secret that writing blog posts is the most important way to share your expertise and to get traffic to your blog. And ultimately you want your blog posts add more subscribers and […]

Top images that you should be using for your content

top images you should be using for your content

If you’re not already using images for  all of your content, here’s some statistics to convince you why it’s important. Statistic #1:  Content with images get 94% more views.  Why?  Because images on social media platforms and on blogs are usually the first thing that catches people’s attention. Statistic #2:  When people hear information, they’re […]

Planning And Organizing Blogs Made Simple

How I Plan And Organize Blog Posts

One of the most asked questions I get asked is how do I make planning and organizing blogs easier so that I can be more productive? Lots of my clients start out reluctantly content (blogging) and in our over 7 years of handling thousands of posts a year, we’ve created a process for planning and […]

10 Things to Do In Your First 3 Months of Creating Content

first 3 months of creating content

Okay so you’ve decided to start creating content or maybe you have started and you’re at a loss about what to do next…. No matter where you are in your content creation process, you can use this list to help you create content that is high quality, meaningful to your audience and helps build your […]

2 Important Pages Every Website Needs

2 must have website pages

You might think that the most important page that your website needs is a landing page…and yes I would agree with you. However, there are 2 important blog pages that most digital CEO’s and online business owners overlook: 1. A Privacy Page 2. A Disclosure Page Visitors to your website have a right to know […]

11 crucial elements your home page needs

11 crucial elements your home page needs

I want you to think of your website’s home page’s primary job is to conduct an interview for you.   Every time someone visits your home page they are doing the following. Critiquing what your site looks like. Critiquing your copy. Establishing an opinion of whether or not you can help them solve their most pressing […]

Nine Website Development Mistakes You Should Never Make

9 website mistakes you should never make

  Whether you have an existing website or are planning to build a new website,  it’s important that you put some thought into it. According to 2019 small business statistics from G2 Crowd, 83% of business owners feel that having a website will give them a competitive advantage. I have to agree with these statistics. […]

GDPR and how it affects your blog

What is GPDR?

You may have seen emails addressing GDPR hitting your inbox frequently this month. I know I get at least 3+ emails a day from other people I follow my email provider, various services I use to run my business and those of my clients all addressing GDPR.

WordPress or Squarespace: Which one is right for your blog?

Wordpress or Squarespace

WordPress or Squarespace… How do you choose the right platform for your blog? Need to build a brand new website or just do a makeover of your existing site? With so many great website builder options like WordPress or Squarespace available how do you know which is the right solution for your business? Confusing or […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Consistency is key to keeping a cohesive look and feel to your blog…plus having a style guide for you in an easy to access place makes blogging so much easier. Let’s talk about style guides – how to create them for your blog, and why you should create them for your blog as well. Having a […]