How to create an online course for beginners

How to Create an Online Course for Beginners

I’m excited to share with you my best tips so that you can can create an online course even if you are a beginner.

If you’ve been thinking about creating an online course, now’s the time! The online course sector is expected to grow by as much as $38 billion between now and 2024.

And if you are feeling burned out with 1:1 work, looking for more freedom and the next step to growing and scaling your business, an online course is the perfect way to do this…

You’re going to want to grab a pen and paper so that you can take notes because I’m going to show you the 3 things you need to be doing so that you can create and sell your online course.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m covering in this video:

❇️ Pick a Profitable Topic

❇️ Research your competition

❇️ Build and Nurturing Your List

❇️ Validate your idea – do a beta launch

And you’re going to want to stay until the end because I’m going to answer two questions I get asked that are going to help you take your first course from good to great:

❇️ Question 1: How to create an awesome onboarding experience for your online course

❇️ Question #2: How to help your students get their ROI out of their investment in your course…

❇️ Question #3: How do I help students who get stuck or are reluctant to implement?

Thinking about Creating an Online Course?




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