Create Powerful Case Studies

Create Powerful Case Studies And Attract More Clients

Writing powerful case studies about clients that have had success working with you is a great way to show how valuable your products and services are.  I’ve pulled together these simple 5 tips to help you create create powerful case studies and attract more clients to get you started.

Yes you should have testimonials too but the case study goes beyond that and shows your audience examples of how you actually helped them accomplish their goals.

Writing a great case study will help you to be able to highlight your successes so that potential client will want to become your client.

Here’s 5 Tips To Help You Create Powerful Case Studies And Attract More Clients:

1. Write About Your Ideal Customer

You preferably want to write about your ideal customer in order to attract more of them.

By writing about your ideal customer you will help your potential customers who read your case study feel like

You are talking directly to them

You understand their pain points and know how to get results they are looking for

You have experience helping other reach the same goals that they have

The bottom line is that you want your potential client to feel like the same products/services you offer will work for them too.

2.  Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story and you want your reader to get to know the customer and feel like they can relate to them on a personal level.

Make sure you cover the following points with your case study

  • Who was the customer/client and what do they do?
  • What were their needs and goals?
  • How did you help them?

Be sure to give quantitative results – and include screen shots of their results if at all possible.  And another smart thing is to do a follow up a few months after the initial case study to let your readers know that you give your customers long term results.

3.  Make It Easy to Read

I am a stickler when it comes to formatting!  It makes me crazy as a reader when I see super long paragraphs, so much so that I don’t bother to read them.

Make your post  scan-able and easy to read by adding in subtitles and lists where ever possible.  Don’t forget to keep your paragraphs to 1-3 sentences long.

Add in images at the beginning and somewhere in the middle or even a video.  The key is to encourage your reader to read to the end of your post and keep them engaged for as long as possible on your post.

So if at all possible include an image of your client and a video.  Doing this makes your case study much more powerful!

Be specific when you talk about strategy

Don’t just say you doubled the client’s sales or website traffic, explain how you did it.

This is the BEST way for you to sell (without being salesy) your products and services by showing what you used and how they achieved the results.

Here’s an example of what I would say:

We were able to triple this client’s website traffic in just 4 months with a combination of

  • Researching content that was popular to their ideal client
  • Writing about that content
  • And a dedicated social media campaign that got that their content out in front of a bigger audience

Then we rinsed and repeated the same strategy with a few different subjects that we knew were important to the client’s ideal client so we would have a variety of subjects to write about.

4.  Make Your Case Studies Easy to Find

First of all, don’t write a case study once and forget it.  That goes for ANY post you write 🙂

Make sure you rotate your case studies out on social media frequently – at least once a month.

Add case studies to your follow up sequences.  The perfect place to add a case study is in your nurture sequence.  Showing your newer prospects that you can achieve the results they are looking for is a perfect way to gain their trust.

Add them to your testimonial page using a short paragraph and linking to your post

If you have a resource page covering a subject that relates to your case study, include it there using a short paragraph and linking to the post.

And don’t be shy about including case studies on your product and services page as well.  In this case, I would not add a link taking them off of the product or service page. Instead add in snippets of information about the results your client achieved using your product or service.

5.  Experiment with Different Formats

Try different types of case studies.

A great one to use is an interview where you ask your client to answer the following questions:

  • What do they do
  • What did they need or what where their goals when they came to work with you
  • How did they meet for find you
  • What results did you achieve together

Following an interview format where you quote your client using their words makes them even more relate-able than using a story format.

When I work with clients building a follow up sequence that leads to a sale for a service or product I always ask them to write a case study that reflects success someone has had either working with them directly or using a product.

You really need to have not just testimonials but Case Studies in your sales funnels as they are great for helping to showcase your services and products along with building trust.

Recap: the 5 Tips To Help You Create Powerful Case Studies And Attract More Clients

  1. Write About Your Ideal Customer
  2. Tell A Story
  3. Make it Easy to Read
  4. Make You Case Study Easy To Find
  5. Experiment With Different Formats

If you haven’t written any case studies yet, I suggest adding a case study to your content calendar as soon as possible.

These 5 Tips To Help You Create Powerful Case Studies And Attract More Clients CAN help you sell more products and services especially if you add a case study to a nurture sequence.

If you have any case study tips or examples of case studies you have enjoyed, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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