Get More Traffic with The You Tube Post

Traffic Tip: Get More Traffic with The You Tube Post

Pinterest:Get More Traffic with The You Tube Post From blogs to social media, everyone is adding and sharing videos these days because it is an easy way to quickly engage with more people.  You WILL get more traffic with the Youtube post and the cool thing is that you don’t even have to use your own video.

You might not have time, the equipment or feel a bit shy about getting in front of a camera and create a video blog.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to take a popular Youtube video and use it on your blog!

This a super fast to create and is great content for your audience.  Its a simple combo of images, a little video, and some text.

I’ve even used this fast simple method myself to create great content – you’ll find the link to my example below.

Here’s the steps to Get More Traffic with The You Tube Post

  1. Decide on your topic
  2. Find a video that is popular on Youtube.  I like to use Buzzsumo to search for popular content on a topic.  The cool thing is that you can even narrow your search results by only checking the video box for the content type when searching.
  3. Watch the video and plan your post.  Take screen shots of the video and write text explaining it.  Make it easy to read by making it into a list post format…ie list the steps
  4. At the end of the post, embed the entire video so you readers can watch it
  5. Don’t forget to begin and end your post properly.  You want to start out with an introduction, end with a summary and a call to action.

Check out the example of a video post I wrote here using a great video from Digital Marketer on how to write a list post (that can be easily outsourced to someone on your team to write) or as they call it the “content aggregator” post.

 Get more traffic when you post the Youtube Post!

Know exactly what to do next when you click the publish button with this handy checklist



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