Hashtags 101: How and When to Use Them

Over the past few years, hashtags have taken social media by storm. You have probably seen them popping up on your Twitter feed, in Instagram and more. If you’ve wondered why or if they are important, you’ll want to read on.

Hashtags are a great way to increase traffic on social media and can more than double your engagement with followers. They are a great way to expand your reach beyond your regular following.

What is a Hashtag?

Other than knowing it’s the little pound symbol made by clicking shift and the number 3, the hashtag is a simple way to tag words and phrases to categorize your content. They are viewable by anyone who is searching for similar information. Here are a few tips on using hashtags in these different platforms:

Hashtags on Twitter

If your tweet has 1-2 hashtags included in it, there is a higher chance of it being retweeted, favorited or replied to. On Twitter 1-2 hashtags are plenty, try not to use any more than this number.

Hashtags on Instagram

Lots of hashtags can be used on Instagram, in fact here the more, the better. Interactions are actually highest when there are more than 10 hashtags used.

Hashtags on Facebook

The use of hashtags on facebook has been slower to take off, however it is slowly catching on. The largest chance of interactions per post on facebook are when 1-2 hashtags are used.

Hashtags on Google+

Based on the content of your post, hashtags are automatically added in. However, it is possible to edit them or add your own. They can be added to your posts, as well as your comments.

Hashtags on Pinterest

Using hashtags on pinterest can be a great way to increase engagement. Use similar keywords with the hashtags every time you post to increase your brand awareness. Because many people use Pinterest as another form of a search engine, the hashtags will help get your pins before people you wouldn’t have found any other way.

If you’ve been slow to joining the hashtag revolution, it isn’t too late to start. Using the guidelines above, start adding them and watch your likes, pins, retweets, comments and followers increase.




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