Boost your opt ins and build your list like a pro

List Building Tip: ​how to boost your opt ins and build your list like a pro

Today I’m going to show you how to boost your opt ins and build your list like a pro.  It’s what I do to get a higher conversion rate (over 30%) and build my list faster.

No matter if you’ve been blogging for years or new to blogging, this will work for you.

I’ll bet you’ve got some great content that is wildly popular with your readers

I hope that you are constantly rotating your blog posts back out on social media using tools like hootsuite or social oomph. And if you aren’t you should be getting your content back out on in front of your audience because it can drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

I’ve learned from years of blogging myself and managing blogs for clients that having related opt in offers embedded into posts gets more opt ins. It’s like driving warm traffic to a landing page.

If your reader is interested enough to come to your blog to read your article, they are more likely to opt into a freebie that directly relates to your content.

Simple huh?!

So if you’ve only got one offer and a diverse blog covering a lot of subjects you probably are leaving thousands of subscribers on the table…

So here’s what you gotta do first….

✖️Figure out what posts are driving the most traffic

Go into your google analytics and see what posts are driving the most traffic.  Make a list of your content, then embed an opt in offer into your post that directly relates to your subject.

✖️Don’t have an offer then make one!

You can keep it simple by making your blog post into a checklist that helps the reader accomplish what you are teaching or you can turn your post into a pdf using print friendly & pdf maker plugin get it here:

✖️Need some more help?

I’ve written a post about how to create cool opt-ins for $20 bucks or less will help you on your way to create great & inexpensive opt-ins like crazy:

I personally like to give a checklist that will help my readers & is related to the subject I’m writing about.

✖️Embed your offer

Add it in the middle of your post and at the end of your post. You can use a few of these recommended plugins for wordpress to set up your opt ins:

Thrive Leads:

Opt In Monster

Both are great options and easy to set up.

Here’s the step by step guide to boost your opt ins and build your list

  1. Set up a opt in plugin on your site
  2. Identify your top blog post
  3. Brainstorm a list of simple opt in offers that is related to your subject – keep the list small.
  4. create simple opt in offers related to that content, either a checklist or pdf of the post.
  5. set up your opt in offer with your opt in plugin
  6. Watch your list grow exponentially!

Back over to you…are you building your list as fast as you want?  And…are you offering your readers opt-ins that are related to your content?




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