how to create a course that sells

How to Create a Course That Sells

Figuring out how to create a course that sells shouldn’t be hard right?

If you are an aspiring course creator who’s thinking about creating a course or a seasoned course creator with a lack of sales…this video is for you as I share the 5 steps you need to follow in order to create a course that sells.

Creating a course is your ticket to both freedom and being able to scale your business effectively and getting yourself off the endless treadmill of 1:1 Client work.

The day I created my first course was a turning point for me…I was feeling tired, burned out, and frustrated from working with 1:1 clients who were showing up daily in my inbox with requests to do this, then do that.

What creating a course gave me was freedom and the ability to create my business on my own terms.  No more going on vacation and working like a dog while my family relaxed and played.

No more weeks with my calendar full of client meetings and an inbox full of new requests each morning.  I finally was able to have the business of my dreams and be able to serve more people with more ease.

And the great thing is that having an online course allows you to serve more people!

So let’s dive into what I am going to cover in this video so that you know exactly how to create a course that sells:

Step #1: Pick the right topic…a profitable topic

Step #2: Plan Your Content 

Step #3: Presell Your Course

Step #4: Create Your Course

Step #5: Go Evergreen

When I am done covering these steps, I answer a couple of questions that I got from my audience that will help you out with your course creation efforts…

Question #1: What is the easiest and cheapest way I can get started with creating my first course?

Question #2: Can I create my course content without being on video?

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