How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn Them into More Content

Wondering about how to take your content and repurpose it quickly?

In this video, I share Question #2: How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn into More Content

Find out what service I use to get a transcription in 30 minutes or less for about a dollar.

You’ll also find out how I use transcriptions to create more content and organize that content so that I can have it at my fingertips whenever I need it.

Start Creating Profitable Content Today!


Wondering If You Are Ready to Create an Online Course?

One of the questions I get from my clients and students when thinking about creating an online course is “should I create a digital course?”

The answer I give depends on where you are in your business and how you want to use it to grow to the next level — which is why I’ve put together this quick and easy 2-minute quiz to help you figure out if you’re ready!