Set up an infusionsoft campaign

How to set up an Infusionsoft campaign in 5 easy steps

Do you have Infusionsoft set up and wondering how to set up an Infusionsoft campaign using the campaign builder?

Or, are you considering purchasing Infusionsoft and wondering how easy it is to build marketing funnels?

Previously I wrote about Getting Started with Infusionsoft where I outlined the steps on getting your application set up and even included a checklist of what you need to do.  In this article we’re going to dive right into the campaign builder and how to set up a campaign in 5 easy steps.

It can seem overwhelming when you plan and build your first campaign, me tell you it is sooooo much easier than it was a few years ago before they created the campaign builder!  The folks at Infusionsoft took what once was a tricky multi-step process and created a visual, drag & drop interface which allows you to build a marketing and sales process from start to finish; including emails, landing pages and much more.

Here’s how to set up an Infusionsoft campaign

in 5 easy steps:

1.  Start with a Plan For Your Infusionsoft Campaign:  

Before you get started you’ll want to know what your goals are for your campaign, most often they fall into the following categories:

  •  An up-sell into a product or program
  • A follow-up for a product purchase
  • Delivery of a product or program
  • Sending reminders about an upcoming event

Once you’ve defined your goals you ‘ll want to plan the number or times you’ll want to touch your customer or prospect and whether your touches are via email or live from you or someone on your team.

Planning Tip #1:  Use a mind map software such as Gliffy to map out your campaign, especially if it a complicated one

Planning Tip #2:  Start crafting your email copy before adding it to your email campaign – this gets you thinking about what you want to say and how often you want to deliver it. Plus I find it much easier to look at the copy in one place before adding it into the campaign itself.

Planning Tip #3:  Get a second opinion – especially from someone who is experienced in Infusionsoft campaigns.  Need help with your campaign?  Give me a call and set up a session to  pick my brain and see how I can help you build a better Infusionsoft campaign and marketing funnels.

Its also a good idea to go ahead and start building the foundation of your campaign and come back, revisit and tweak your copy a few times before you add it to your campaign.  Good copy takes time and careful thought.

2. Build The Foundation For Your Infusionsoft Campaign

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

You’ll want to include some of these into your campaign depending on what goal it is achieving for you.  Most often you will want Set up your goal as

  • either a web-form is filled out ,

  • a product is purchased

  • or a tag is applied

Then in the first sequence I usually like to use it to tag (see example above) your contact if that hasn’t been used to start the campaign.

Then I like to build the second sequence with the follow up emails and keep the touch points separated so that you can easily see what the actions the sequence is performing.  Use notes and naming the sequence to clearly define the outcomes of each sequence so that you can easily go in and make changes and add copy later on.

After they have completed the campaign I recommend removing the tag unless you want them to continue to loop back through the campaign as in the example above which is actually triggered to start over again when the looping tag is applied at the end.

Campaign Tip:  Plan your naming conventions for your campaigns before you start building them. You’ll want a good naming strategy in place so that your campaigns are organized and clearly marked so anyone using your system will know what they are for.

3.  Create Tags For Your Infusionsoft Campaign

Tagging keeps your contacts organized and allows you see where they have been in your marketing funnel.

Before  you start building tags its a good idea to have thought out your naming conventions for your tags, just like you did for your campaigns.  It’s smart to have your tags and campaigns organized and named so anyone on your team will know which campaign is which.

Stop and take a few minutes to think ahead, what will your marketing look like in 1 year, 3 or 5 years? You could potentially end up with thousands of records. And, you want to make sure  you and your team can make sense of it. I have been in Infusionsoft applications where there campaigns and tagging were haphazardly set up and it wound up as a mess!

The best thing you can do right now is to establish a proper naming convention. You need to set up  a plan and document how you name items within Infusionsoft, and stick to it.   This way, anyone, including a team member or outside consultant is able follow your methodology so that the naming is consistent throughout your entire Infusionsoft application

I suggest creating creating conventions that tell you when the campaign was created and keeping names as short as possible. Creating a standard naming convention and documenting it will save you headaches down the road.

Tip:  Here is a naming convention I like to use:  yyyy mm: then the name of campaign or tag. Why? because it will stay sorted by year and then month when you build the campaign. And I love to use this when I have copied a campaign again and again and need to keep it organized while using the name campaign name.

Advanced tip:  Add lead scoring to build more information about your contacts actions

When you set up lead scoring it works like this:  when a tag is applied or removed, the score is updated in real time,  by adding and subtracting points from your contact records based on the criteria you determined when you  set up lead scoring. The score is assigned to a contact record based upon their actions and it is also displayed on the contact’s opportunity record. You can use lead scoring to track how hot a prospect is as they move through your marketing funnels.

4. Add Content to Your Infusionsoft Campaign

After reviewing and massaging your copy for your marketing funnel and you are happy with it, its time to add it to your campaign.  I’m hoping that you have set up your branding center when you did your initial Infusionsoft set up. Using the branding center saves you SOOOOO much time when using the campaign builder in Infusionsoft.  Basically when you have your branding center set up it automatically creates your email template in your campaign for you so all you need to do is to add your copy.

Here’s a quick peak at the branding center I have set up for a client of mine:


When you have added in your copy it is a good idea to do a quick preview and send a test in two different browsers so that you can be sure your format is consistent and looks good.  Plus, I find it is so much different to look at your copy in your inbox rather than on the initial document you wrote.  So use this opportunity to review and tweak what you have written.

Tip:  Keep your emails short and to the point.  Write to your audience in a conversational tone.  Learn more about how to write your emails in this article:

5.  Review and Test Your Campaign

TEST TEST TEST – I can’t emphasize this enough!  Reviewing and testing your campaign is essential because you want to make sure it works and that your customer has a good experience.  I like to do this by adding my name and then heading over to my records and reviewing the emails and when they will be sent to me to make sure they are scheduled to go out when planned.  Note that the only emails you will see in your record will be the ones in the follow up sequence you are currently in.  So if you have multiple sequences then you will want to add yourself to the other sequences so you can look at them in your record.

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