4k+ Targeted Followers on Instagram in 2 Months

Case Study: How I added 4k+ Targeted Followers on Instagram in 2 Months

Today I want to share a behind the scenes peak at my personal Instagram story and that of 4 clients in who are in diverse businesses.

By using the right tactics and a bit of research I added 4k targeted followers in Instagram in 2 months

I used to think that Instagram wasn’t a viable marketing tool until I started seeing other smart marketers building huge audiences on IG. However I have been able to build a targeted and engaged audience on IG from 295 to 4200+ in little over 2 months.

Yep, just take a look at my growth chart below from my Instagram Analytics on Onlypult!

I’d been brainwashed to think that smart marketers focused solely on FB and spent a ton of $ building their audiences using Ads.

I got tired of paying for an audience that no matter what I had a tough time connecting with so I decided to switch gears and take a closer look at IG.

I did it the right way in that I decided to cut my learning time by studying with a few experts in this arena. 4 to be exact…and 2 of which were truly experts and 2 of which ended up being duds.

I followed their advice and implemented and started implementing…I was excited because I started  to see results immediately.

Here’s how I added 4k targeted followers on Instagram in 2 months

⭐️An engaging bio with a link to my offer

⭐️Created visually appealing and helpful content that my ideal client was looking for

⭐️Started using hashtags which was the beginning of my growth as I was in front of the right people

My account growth really took off when I implemented an IG growth strategy that gets me in front of more targeted people on a daily basis.

Not only did it do it for my account I’ve been able to implement the same tactics for other accounts here on IG @todd_creager, @lovely_vegashomes, @annpbennett, @leannedisanto all diverse business models and collectively I’ve been able to add close to another 4k to these accounts in the past month.

And I have to say my engagement is GREAT, I’m having a lot of fun over there on Instagram!

⭐️If you want to get your services/products/list build out in front of more targeted followers…

I suggest you grab the Insta Growth & Traffic Checklist – see below!

If I can do it & all of these diverse businesses can do it so can you!


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