Productivity Boosters

A Few of My Favorite Productivity Boosters

One goal that always comes up on my list each year is to be more focused and find ways improve my productivity.

My team and I  work with a number of different clients so keeping my to do list up to date and staying on top of projects and tasks  is one of the most important things I do on a daily basis.


My list of my favorite tools that keep me on track & boost my productivity


1.  Evernote – I use Evernote to take notes with my clients during my strategy sessions with them.  I have pretty much gone paperless in my office during 2012.  Gone are the yellow legal pads with notes and scrambling to find that important detail.  Everything is right there and organized by month.  I have even created marketing plans for the entire year and can even keep them easily updated and share with my clients.

2.  Team Work Live Project management tool – I have a team I work with to be even more efficient and I delegate and track their tasks using this tool.  One of the many things I love about this is that I can see what tasks are open, overdue and keep all of my clients files here.


3.  Passpack – how do you manage your passwords?  Do you have them all written down, in your head or in a spreadsheet?  I love Passpack!  It allows me to be mobile and I can access any password I need from my office or on the road!  Plus the 1-click login makes me more productive.


4.  Social Oomph – Want to ramp up your content marketing efforts with out compromising your productivity?  Use Social Oomph as a dashboard and automate your social media efforts into a central place.

If you aren’t already using Social Oomph to set up your social media and content delivery to your audiences then it’s time to get this set up!

The number one thing I like best about Social Oomph is that you create content queues (think of them like a bucket of rotating content) that you set up once add your content and it keeps on rotating your content for you.

Adding Social Oomph to our content marketing really boosted our productivity levels because we do not have to go back in and continually set up content each month.

Instead, all we do is to add new content to the bucket.

When I set up a content campaign for my clients using Social Oomph, I see their lists growing and more engagement with their ideal clients.  If you do not have a regular plan to send content to your audiences, then you need to get on board!  This is guaranteed to build your list and create loyal followers.

And last but not least….


5.  Infusionsoft – I use infusionsoft for marketing with quite a few of my higher end clients.  I have used other shopping carts and autoresponder services and this is hands down the best product on the market for marketing funnel automation and productivity..  If you are serious about growing your business and creating effective marketing campaigns you will want to check it out!




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