Online Marketing Success: Systems Part Two

Level Two:  Positioning Yourself As An Expert in Your Field

In my last post I focused on the systems you need if you are just beginning to build your online presence.  How do you know if you are ready for level two?

Look through the list below and check off any that apply:

  • You have experienced initial success building your business and you have a good base of  clients.  You are making good money BUT you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t have time to do the things you know you need to yourself.
  • You are looking for freedom and balance so you can enjoy your life.
  • You’ve been in business 6 months or longer and you have the foundations in place and you are focusing on building your business and an accelerated pace.
  • You’re making $75-$100K in your own business.
  • You’ve already built most of what I outlined in Systems part one and may be missing a few of the foundational pieces.

To get to the next benchmark  of success in your business, you should be focusing on getting more speaking gigs and getting in front of bigger audiences.  In order to do this you need to have the following:

A Speaker page set up on your website and one sheet for people looking to book you.

Speaking research – you should have a spreadsheet with targeted places of where you want to speak along with events in your area.  You should include contact information and when they are booking.  Ideally you should do the research now and start reaching out for events 6 months to 1 year out.  And its still a good idea to reach out now and get on lists as a back up speaker.  In some instances you may need to attend the person’s event so that you can show you are interested in them and get to know them better.

At this stage we are moving on to intermediate List Building Activities that include focusing on building your list through Social Media.  You’ve been blogging regularly and you have created some great content and it is time to get it out there on a regular basis in front of your audience.  You want to keep giving them great content and building relationships with your audience.  Yes, you can sell but this is not the primary focus, you want to build relationships and give them value and they will want to buy.  Here are some great suggestions

  • Build a social media campaign to include your blog articles, great quotes and rotate that content out there.
  • Create multiple free giveaways that you offer your audience in turn for their contact information – this really works and your audience will love you for it!

Now that you are really into power list building you should be communicating with your list on a regular basis!  What should you be doing?  Sending a regular e-zine  to them.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the writing, then I suggest that you hire someone to ghost write your articles for you and you can edit them.

Educating your audience – there are a couple of things you will want to do here:

  • Free training calls – Set up a monthly schedule and talk to them for 30 minutes and then coach them for the remaining 30 minutes.  This will help you to list build, build relationships and give them a taste of what it is like to work with you!
  • Live workshops – doing small workshops with people in your area is a great way to give prospective clients a taste of working with you.  I recommend creating a workshop around what the first things your clients generally need to accomplish when working with you.

Product creation – take those free calls that you are doing and make them into a Audios that you can sell to your audiences at speaking and workshops. Now is the time to start thinking about writing a book.  This doesn’t have to be super complicated either.

Stay  tuned for part three where we will discuss taking your business to multiple 6 figures and beyond!


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