Stop letting people upset you

Entrepreneur Mindset: How to stop letting people upset you

One of the biggest pieces of advice as an entrepreneur I can give you is to stop letting people upset you…

Balancing making money and working with clients can be tricky.  It’s super important that we don’t get stuck working with toxic people whether they are on our team or as clients.

As entrepreneurs we are often lone rangers when it comes to building and running our businesses.  However people still come into play in our businesses whether they are a family member, a client or someone on our team.

It’s all too unfortunate when we allow one of these people to upset us and derail our efforts.

What if I told you that when you allow people to upset you, that you were actually lying to yourself?

You’re probably saying to yourself whaaat?!

It’s true…and my husband loves to point this out to me every time my teenaged son yanks my chain.  You in fact are lying when you say that so and so upset you because the only person that truly has the power to upset you is YOURSELF!

There I said it, your upsets come from what you think and sending those thoughts to your body.  

And you believed it.

What if next time someone said something that was potentially upsetting, that instead you  started looking at it and realizing that you are upsetting yourself with your own thoughts about it?

Yup, getting rid of that is a game changer….even just realizing it when those nasty thoughts come into your head can change everything.

Of course there are times when things don’t seem to be going right, that is part of learing from mistakes and growing.

But instead of internalizing and getting yourself all upset a more positive and empowering way to deal with upset is to really look at it in an objective way.

I like to grab a journal and write it all down.

For me journaling takes the personal emotion out of it and gets my thoughts and feelings on paper.  That way I do a much better job of assessing the situation and seeing what needs to be learned.

So next time you start to feel upset, stop yourself….instead reach for a journal and start jotting things down.  Then look at it objectively and tell yourself that only I have the power to make myself feel upset.

Thoughts, not people have the power to make you feel either happy or upset.

Which way you want to feel is up to you!  Just remember… you have the power to stop letting people upset you.


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