Stop obsessing about your follower count

Traffic Tip: ​ Stop obsessing about your follower count and focus on this….


Are you one of those who hops into their social media accounts daily or maybe even a couple of times a day to check on their follower growth?

Stop obsessing about your follower count and focus on this….

What’s that you ask? Engagement.

All of the followers in the world mean nothing if you aren’t able to engage with them. I’ve seen client accounts with 10k up to 150k+ followers who had no engagement. And it wasn’t because we didn’t have the right content going out there either.

It was because they built a fake following – YIKES

So I am going to break the bad news to some of you out there….if you’ve got a social media platform built on a following of non targeted people this isnt’ going to help you. The best thing you can do is to start over.

However for those of you who are building their following the right way and adding targeted followers this is TOTALLY going to help you out….

Stop obsessing about your follower count and focus on this….watching and tracking your engagement – What I mean here is the number of actions and interactions taken on your content.

And while you are at it…start watching and tracking the engagement of your competitors, you’ll learn a lot from seeing what they do right and wrong…

Here’s what to look at when tracking your engagement

  • Comments / replies / mentions
  • +1s / Likes / Favorites
  • Shares / Re-shares / Re-tweets
  • Click through rate – you won’t be able to see this on your competitor’s account, however you should be tracking this on your accounts.

The point of all of your social media is to help more people and get them to buy from you right?

So it stands to reason that you want your audience to buy from you and most people buy from who they like, know and trust. The way to measure this is via your engagement numbers.

Here’s the key take away…once you know what they respond to, you create more of it. And your engagement keeps building.

Doing this is how I’ve built successful businesses by simply paying attention to and giving audiences what they want.

Okay so how do you find these numbers?

Facebook – look at your analytics and focus on the engagement numbers
Twitter – look at your analytics and focus on the engagement numbers
Instagram  – look at your analytics and focus on the engagement numbers
Pinterest  – look at your analytics and focus on the engagement numbers

Website Engagement –  simply log into your google analytics account.

Then create an engagement analytics report by following these a 5-steps:

  • Set a long date range – 3 to 6 months is good
  • Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
  • Click the Comparisons icon
  • Choose Page views as the primary metric and Avg. time on Page as the secondary metric
  • Look at what content your audience is spending their time on your site – that’s your golden ticket!

Here’s what  you do with this information

  • Make sure this content is getting shared again out on your social media media platforms
  • Create more of the same content
  • Re-purpose this content  – create video, audio, webinars etc…get it out everywhere!
  • Create a content upgrades to entice readers to sign up for your list
  • Create paid training programs & services based upon your hot topics.

Next time you find yourself checking your social media accounts non stop…stop obsessing about your follower count and focus on this…

Engagement, that’s your ticket to subscribers, a bigger list and more sales.

Knowing what is your most engaging content and topics opens the door to all kinds of great opportunities to build your list and sell more products and programs to your audience.

Over to you…do you know what is your most popular content that your audience is engaging in?  What do you plan to do with it?




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