Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Posts

Traffic Tip: Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Posts

When looking to get targeted website traffic to your posts, do you write content for hot keywords or do you write for content for hot topics?

I believe you can and should do both!

Most of the traffic experts have come up with step by step guides that is just too darned technical or boring for the average business owner like you and I.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to write content that your audience is actually interested in and how to get more targeted traffic from it by using the right keywords.

4 Simple Steps to Help You Get More Targeted Website Traffic to Your Posts

Step 1:  Start with hot content

The fastest and easiest places to find hot topics that your readers are interested in reading two of my favorite tools –  Post Planner or Buzz Sumo.

They will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do  is just enter in your topic and either one of them will present you with a list of topics that are popular on social media.  Then use the article as inspiration to get started and write your own post.

I’m a big fan of Buzz Sumo  – it’s my #1 go to tool for creating a traffic generating content plan!

Step 2:  Write a great piece of content

Now that you have your topic, you are ready to write!  Make sure you remember to follow this outline for writing a great post:

  1. Headline – write at least 10 different ones before settling on your final headline
  2. Image – make sure it relates to your post subject and is a high contrast so it stands out on social media
  3. Keep your tone conversational
  4. Make it easy to scan – use bullet points lists, break up your copy into shorter sentences and add in subtitles when possible
  5. Link to your other content – do this when possible and only when it makes sense.  Doing this helps your SEO and your readers
  6. Add a call to action at the end of your post

Check out my other article on the 7 secrets to taking your blog posts viral, reading this short post will also help you be a better writer.

Step 3:  On Page SEO

Once you are done writing your article you need to show your post some love by doing a bit of on page SEO.

Sounds hard?

No it only takes me about 10 minutes and when done right you will be rewarded with traffic.  You first want to make sure that you have installed SEO by Yoast plugin for your wordpress site.

Then just make sure you have your keyword plugged into the following places:

  1. Your headline
  2. your Permalink
  3. Your post copy – don’t try stuffing in your keywords, it will only backfire on you.  I recommend writing your post first then looking at your keyword density using the SEO by Yoast plugin.  Then look for natural places to add your keyword in your copy.
  4. Your Meta description
  5. Your Post image in the Alt Title in the media file.

Here’s the 7 Timeless SEO Strategies if you want to learn more.  In the bonus section I walk you through how to do the on page SEO.

Step 4:  Find hot Keywords

What I mean here is to find keywords that relate to your topic that people are actually searching for.

I’ve been writing about the success I’ve had with using the Google Keyword Planner to find great keywords in this article and in this article so I won’t bore you with the numbers.

I can say that since I’ve been upgrading my content, my overall traffic numbers has been boosted by my increased search traffic.  I know this because I see my upgraded pages traffic ranking higher in my analytics.

You’ll want to find keywords that your audience is actually searching for and add them to your content so it will continue to get traffic long after you have published it.  My rule of thumb here is that I look for keywords using the keyword planner that have monthly searches over 500 and are either low or medium competition.

Case in point is my #1 article is from 2014 on The Ultimate List of Best Marketing Strategies!  Needless to say I have updated and improved it over the years since I originally published it to keep the content relevant to my audience.

I applied the same strategies I show you hear and it keeps paying me back with traffic every day.

Who is to say that a really good piece of content can’t continue to generate traffic for years if you write the original post well and continue to upgrade it on a regular basis?

I’m proof that it does pay off!

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