email marketing best practices for opt In forms

The best places to put email sign up forms

Email Marketing should be a critical part of building your audience and conncting with them at a deeper level.  At the core of this is knowing how and were to put your opt ins on your website for the best results.

Are you wondering if  you have your email marketing sign up forms on the right places on your website?

Keep reading because in this post I’ll take you through the best places to put your email sign up forms so you can convert more visitors into subscribers.

1.  At the top of our right sidebar

This is the number one converting place on your website.

Start here when adding your email marketing sign up forms to your website.  Studies show that the eye moves from left to right like when we are reading a book so your eye naturally ends right up here when scanning a website.

And the trick here is to make sure you have an image on your opt in, attention getting colors and juicy words to tell them what your offer is about.

2. Right next to your navigation or on top of your header

Go check out  hello bar wordpess plugins or have your web designer build one and add your email markeing sign up forms to it.

This is a great way to get more people on your mailing list.  Top businesses  like Marie Forleo and David Neagle both have sign up forms right below their header on their sites and even use their headers to draw your attention to it.

3.  Add more places for people to opt in on your content pages and at the end of each blog posts

I learned about adding  email marketing sign up forms inside my content originally  from one of the pro’s at list building Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers.

You’ll get more opt ins if you make it a practice to insert an mailing list sign up form right in the middle of your content or at the end of a piece of content.

Tip: Create multiple opt-in offers that relate to the topics you talk about in your blog posts and set up magic action boxes for them.

4. Add a pop up  to your site

Add a pop up at the bottom of your page  and set it to pop up after your visitor has been on your page for around 3-4 seconds.

Using this method for getting your email marketimg sign up forms in front of your visitors won’t annoy them like a pop up does when it appears in the middle of your page.  For this I suggest using WP subscribers plugin  and a lot of people like pippity popups plugins but I have heard it can be difficult to work with.

5.  Drop in a full screen opt in

Many top marketers use this tactic and you’ve probably experienced it…when you visit a site and you’re scrolling through a page and all of a sudden an opt in appears to take over the entire page.

This is a very smart email marketing tactic that you should test out on your site.  Try testing out several versions of different opt ins to see what converts the best for your audience.

A word of caution is to only have it pop up once, repeated pop ups of opt is may end up frustrating your readers and cause them to leave you site quickly without consuming your content or taking action

6.  On your About page

This is one of the most visited pages on your site after your home page and blog. If you don’t have one of your email sign up forms here, you are missing out on capturing new subscribers.

You might be thinking  that putting  an email sign up in all of these places I’ve suggested is too much, but the fact is that not having them in these highest converting places on your site is costing you leads that could be converted into customers.

7.  On your home page

Not including an email marketing opt in to your home page is a huge missed opportunity!  Having a clear call to action that entices visitors to sign up for your email list is one of the 11 crucial elements every home page needs.

Take a look at the copy on your home page and look through your list of opt in’s and select the ones that will complement your message.

You’ll know if your opt in choices are working if it is converting between 10 and 20% of your visitors on your list.  For more indepth reading specifically on home page and email marketing list building practices you can check out this how to build a home page that converts article.

To Recap:

Here’s the 7 best places to put your email marketing opt in forms on your website:

  1. At the top of your blog sidebar
  2. At the top of your pages
  3. Into your content whether it is a page or a blog post.
  4. Add a pop up
  5. Try out a full screen take over
  6. On your about page
  7. On your home page

Now that you have this list I suggest you do a quick audit of your website and see where you have strategically put your email marketing forms.

I’d love to hear which of these sign up forms are on your site!




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