Infusionsoft Tip & Tricks: Creating a Simple Lead Capture Form

How to Create a Simple Lead Capture Form With Infusionsoft

If you’re an Infusionsoft application owner you may be wondering how to improve your marketing to your leads. You may already know that building email list so that you can market and sell to your prospects is one of your most important marketing activities. It is the easiest way for you to build a relationship […]

6 Simple Mistakes Keeping People From Reading Your Emails

Simple Mistakes Keeping People From Reading Your Emails

Most of us are guilty of making these 6 simple mistakes that keep people from reading your emails with out knowing it It is often stressed to make your Subject Line count when sending out emails to clients. And while this is very important, you need not stop there. If your subject line captures their attention […]

The ultimate list of the best marketing strategies

Best marketing strategies

Updated on February 2, 2016 The Ultimate List of The Best Marketing Strategies   Get Yourself Seen & Heard When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Getting yourself in front of your prospective client(s) not just once but a consistently is the key here.  Not only do you need to do this […]

The best places to put email sign up forms

email marketing best practices for opt In forms

Email Marketing should be a critical part of building your audience and conncting with them at a deeper level.  At the core of this is knowing how and were to put your opt ins on your website for the best results. Are you wondering if  you have your email marketing sign up forms on the […]

Automate Your List Building with Snap by Infusionsoft

List Building with Snap by Infusionsoft

Use Snap by Infusionsoft app on your phone to gather contacts at your next networking event to simplify your list building. I have a number of clients set up with automated networking follow-up campaigns where entering the contact information is still done manually. This cool new app by Infusionsoft is going to pretty much automate […]

Guide to Setting up Email Accounts in Gmail

In a previous post I wrote about why you need to set up a dashboard system for your coaching business.  Now it is time to get started building your gmail dashboard.  The first thing we want to do is to make sure your email accounts for your business are all centralized in your gmail account. […]

Email Overload – How to cope with it successfully

You walk into your office,  turn on your computer and yikes your email inbox is overflowing! It’s the one thing that can keep you awake at night after great vacation or even on an ordinary work day. I recently read an article by Peter Bregman at the Harvard Business Review and he points out that […]

5 simple steps to uplevel your email process

Did you know that you should block out time in your schedule daily to check you emails and limit that time to only 30 minutes?  Are you skeptical that this can be done?  I was too until I started regularly blocking out time during my work day and setting my time to 3o minutes.  Now […]

Why email addiction is hazardous to your health

Are you guilty of checking your email multiple times a day, on the weekends and even while you are on vacation?  I  read an article this week by Barbara Netburn of the LA Times “Constantly checking emails isn’t good for you” and was stunned to read that people who check their email regularly have higher […]