The Three Must Do’s for Content Marketing

Everyone knows that content marketing is absolutely essential in business and yet often this is the stage to most get set aside. Maybe you wait for the perfect idea to hit or you just don’t feel like writing today, this week, this month and soon you realize your traffic has slowed considerably.

Even if you are limited on time, follow these three Must Do’s to boost traffic and get your business flowing again.

Capture Traffic

Through opt-in’s and even just a pop up as people come to your site is a great way to capture the emails of the people coming to your website. The opt-in’s can vary from offering them a free ebook or print out of some sort. Currently trending are classes. If you can offer an online course about what you do, people are more likely to sign up.

Once you have captured those emails, it is important to put them to good use. Everytime you post on your blog, send an email to your list. This is the best way to get repeat traffic and studies show that most comments left come from those who are receiving your emails and coming back to your website to read your new content.

Be Consistent

This one is stressed over and over again because it is true. It does not matter if you want to write new content every single day or only once a month, what matters most is your consistency. Make a schedule, develop your plan and stick to it. And even if life gets hectic and busy, don’t let it keep you from following your plan. A dip in consistent posting can take up to three months to gain back your momentum.

You may get into a routine with it and even find you are scheduling ahead of time (great way to offset the busy times) and you decide to post a little extra here and there. This is just fine. Posting more is always a good thing, posting less is where your traffic will be hurt.


Now that you are consistently posting your content and you are collecting and using the traffic via emails, it is time to convert your readers into fans. You can do this by adding a pop up as your reader is reading, requesting them to become a fan or follow on Twitter before continuing on with the article.

You should also have a Facebook Social Plugin box on your website and blog. You can also add wording at the end of every blog post to “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter”. Sharing your content on facebook and twitter and using strong images will encourage your followers to share the content which will in turn bring in more fans.

As we discussed in the beginning, content marketing is a large part of our business and a way to drive traffic which in turn leads to customers and clients. Even if you don’t have hours to spend on getting each post just right, do take the time to capture emails, set a consistent posting schedule and convert those readers to fans and followers. Do this for a few months and you’ll watch your traffic flourish.

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