Embracing The CEO Mindset

Think like a CEO

 Many entrepreneurs and small business owners neglect to think like a CEO. 

They end up finding themselves deep in the trenches of their business running themselves ragged trying to do it all themselves.

Are you guilty of not thinking like a CEO? 

This sort of thinking has negative ramifications for both you and your business, this list could go on and on.  Here are the top three things I hear from people just like you:

→ You’re stressed out from trying to do it all yourself

→ You don’t get enough sleep because you wake up at night worrying about your business

→ Your business is stalled because as one person you can’t do everything that you need to do to run your business

When you don’t think like a CEO it is nearly impossible to break six figures and if you do, you’ll find that it is nearly impossible to sustain the speed at which you are progressing without some sort of support via systems and the proper team.

What does it take to start thinking and acting like a CEO?

#1: Hire a team and start delegating

You need to raise yourself out of the day-to-day operations of your business.  

When you do this you do both yourself and your clients a favor.  Getting all of the routine tasks systematized and delegated frees you up to be the business owner that you are.  

You aren’t doing yourself and your clients a favor by running the operations of your business all by yourself.  Instead, you need to be focusing on your vision,  content creation, and coaching your clients

#2: Start thinking ahead

Pull yourself out of the trenches and start focusing on the higher level of your business.  What I mean here is that you need to start planning.  You need to create a plan and preferably one that is quarterly and divided up into the following categories

→  Business Foundations

→  Content Creation

→  Marketing

Don’t worry about not feeling like you can change your focus as you move along – it’s just a plan! Doing this will get you out of reactive mode and into being proactive.

#3. Find someone who can implement your vision for you.

It’s important to find the right person who can implement your ideas.  

Having a team is great but the team needs to have someone who can take your ideas and make them happen.  This takes the right person with a special kind of mindset, someone who has the ability to take your vision and know how to make it happen.

The biggest thing that will happen when you implement these three things is that you will find yourself becoming more calm, focused, and confident.

You’ll effectively get yourself out of being reactive and stepping into a more proactive way of running your business.  The result is that you will eliminate much of the stress that is associated with trying to do it all yourself.

 Proper Planning + The Right  Support =  Peace of mind




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