Campaigns from The Infusionsoft Marketplace

The Top 3 Campaigns from The Infusionsoft Marketplace

Infusionsoft sometimes known as confusionsoft!

Don’t worry the folks over in the marketplace have lots of great campaigns pre-built and ready for you to set them up in your application.

I’ve talked about my top five must have Infusionsoft Campaigns and in this post I’m going to focus on the 3 most popular campaigns in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. What is so great about these is that they are completely free and they have even created great training videos to help you get started using them.

I love these campaigns as a starting point for building more customized campaigns for my Infusionsoft Clients. Sometimes I even mix and match campaigns elements so that I can take advantage of some of the great ideas out there.

Let’s get started with the List of The Top 3 Campaigns from The Infusionsoft Marketplace

#1:  Free Newsletter Campaign

newsletter campaignEveryone needs this campaign and you can get it right here:

For some reason I did not include this one in my list of 5 must have campaigns, I guess that I thought everyone who goes through the kickstarter program with Infusionsoft would already have it set up.  Anyways, if you aren’t building your list, you should be and this is the campaign you want to use.

In my opinion, adding a sign up for my newsletter isn’t the way to go and that is probably why I overlooked this one. You’ll want to modify the sign up form on this page to feature your Irresistible Free Offer and be sure to include an image of your freebie as that will increase your conversion rate.

As an smart add on campaign you should consider this campaign:  Grow Your Leads with Social Sharing.  You can find it right here on the marketplace: When people share your newsletter email on social media other people will see your email and a targeted form that will give them an easy way to sign  up for your newsletter.

#2:  Automated Event Registration Follow Up

event registrationHere’s the link to this campaign in the Infusionsoft Marketplace:

If you are doing Live Events, Webinars or Teleseminars – this infusionsoft campaign comes in handy!  And it saves you time and the hassle of trying to figure what to send and when.

Use this campaign to make sure everyone who registers knows when and where to show up.  The folks at Infusionsoft even created a web form that  entices people  to register.  After they sign up, they get a welcome email with the details of your event (you have to fill out the copy).  then the day before your event it sends them a reminder, all you have to do is to set up the date timer and add  your copy.  Depending on how far in advance you start registration, you may want to send more than two emails.

#3: Birthday Reminders Campaign

birthday reminders

You can find this campaign right here in the marketplace:

Your clients love to feel special and sending them a birthday card or even better a personal call on their birthday goes a long way!

The Birthday Reminder Campaign is one of my favorite campaigns and I show you how to get it set up right here in this post:

I have set up this campaign for a number of my Infusionsoft clients and I have taken it and customized it so that they get notified to send them a personal card rather than sending an email from Infusionsoft and/or an alert to give clients a call on their birthday. Both of which are great ways to keep those special clients of yours feeling like they are important.

Need help getting those birthday reminders collected from those clients?  Check out  the new campaign to help you collect them right here:

Need some help with Infusionsoft? I’d love to help!  Please contact and set up your complimentary Infusionsoft Session today!


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