Create Killer Headlines

Traffic Tip: Create Killer Headlines

Use these 3 simple tips & you’ll be able to create killer headlines in no time

I believe that headlines & images are the TWO most important things you have to get RIGHT if you want to get more traffic, build your list & make more sales

Yeah you can use tools to help you generate headlines…but this is a skill that you simply must master.

If your headline is doing its job it will:

Catch Attention
Interest Your Audience
Inspire Them to Keep Reading

It all comes down to creating an appealing headline….Use these SIMPLE tips to write killer headlines & sub-headlines Catch Their Attention – most headlines are boring

Make a claim or promise – speak directly to your audience, evoke an emotion & get them curious to learn more. Here’s a great example: 9 BS Headline Writing Tips Everyone Thinks Are True

Interest them – You want to clearly communicate an idea that your audience finds to be meaningful. One of the best things you can do is promise to provide a solution to a PROBLEM they have. How to Attract Your Dream Client in 6 Simple Steps

Inspire them to Keep Reading – You want to really PAY ATTENTION to what your audience is reading. I’ve built multiple 6-figure businesses many times following this principle.

Write about what they are interested in, include that keyword in your headline…doing that will inspire them to read

Practice – When sitting down to write headlines, don’t write just one.  Turn on a timer, write a bunch of titles down, walk away then come back later and pick the best one

Create a Swipe File – start paying attention to headlines that get YOU reading & save them for inspiration




Get it out of your head and on paper in the next 30 minutes.

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