Post Content On LinkedIn Groups

Traffic Tip: Post Content On LinkedIn Groups

Did you know that when you post content LinkedIn groups it’s a really good source for traffic that’s easy to turn into leads and sales?

Whenever I post a blog whether it is for myself or one of my content marketing clients, we always hand post our content to LinkedIn groups using the share button.

And without fail the traffic from LinkedIn Groups ALWAYS beats the search engines, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.  And we’re talking about accounts that have 1k to 8k+ followers on each of these platforms.

Let’s dive into how to make the most of traffic from LinkedIn Groups

1 –  Make sure your bio is up to date and looking good!  

You want to do this because once you start posting to LinkedIn Groups people will start checking you out.

So make sure you tell them what you do and who you work with.  And be sure to use Slide Share to add a visual of your opt in offer – doing this will grab their attention.

Use emoticons to make your bio stand out.

2 – Review Your LinkedIn Groups

Take a good hard look at the groups you are a member of.  You want to be posting in groups where your ideal client hangs out. And to get the maximum amount of traffic you should check to see how many members there are in each group – a good rule of thumb is to look for a membership of over 1k.

Need to find more groups?

Use the search feature in LinkedIn to search for groups using keywords that describe your ideal client.  Work with life coaches or bloggers, then you want to search for groups using those keywords.

Or oftentimes I will look at other people who serve the same clients as I do and see what groups they are a member of.  You’ll want to join the maximum number of groups that you can.

3 – Share Great Content

DO NOT spam these groups!  When joining the groups, do take a look at the rules for posting.  I never share anything remotely salesy to the groups, no opt-ins or promos.

Instead I add my opt-in offer at the end of the post on my blog.  I figure if they are interested enough to go read my content, they are more likely to want my freebie.

4 – Use your social sharing buttons

Make sure you have this plugin installed on your website and use it to hand post to LinkedIn Groups.

Why you might be asking?

Because you can control what the headline and lead copy.  In this copy you’ll want to give potential readers a REASON to click and read.

Next time you write a blog post, I hope you’ll remember to post it out to your LinkedIn groups and watch the traffic come rolling in!


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