Upgrade Your Physical Environment

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Secret 7 Continued:
Upgrade Your Physical Environment

Your current intellectual, physical, social and business environments were largely created from beliefs and experiences that no longer fit your goals.

If you’re on a path of growth, you need to upgrade your environment to reflect not where you were, but where you want to go.

Otherwise, as I wrote last time, your old consciousness will draw you back in.

Last time I showed you how to up-level your intellectual environment. Today, we’ll focus on your physical one.

How to Begin
Years ago, network marketing trainer John Kalench was describing the ways in which he had transformed his physical environment into something very beautiful. I was inspired, and also realized that I had not yet done the same.

So I took a mental inventory of everything in my environment, asking myself, “If I were the success I want to be, would this be here?”

If not, I got rid of it!

Systematically, I began replacing those items in my environment with things that reflected the success I wanted to experience.

I did this with everything from clothes to furniture to automobiles to the way that I traveled, the friends I hung around with and where I went socially.

If you’re thinking you’d have to replace nearly everything you own, you’re probably right.

Start with your cat-scratched sofa or the ripped coat you’ve had since high school or the car you park down the street so your clients won’t see.

And then keep going. Every time you think, I hate that lamp, or Why do I keep that ugly desk? get rid of it. Just give it away.

Keep up-leveling until everything in your environment reflects the richness you are within.

Embrace the Challenge
Treat yourself as first class as you possibly can.

If you can’t afford to move into a house with a spectacular view, make the view you do have as nice as it can be.

I love fresh flowers. There’s always something blooming at my home inside and out.

Surrounding yourself with beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you do need to embrace the challenge. Push yourself as far as you can.

When I started doing this exercise, absolutely everything began to shift.

I started to propel forward very rapidly, because my old consciousness was no longer holding me back.

I stepped up and into the greatness that was my birthright, and everything around me began to reflect that as well.

Start Now
Greatness is your birthright, too.

So look around. What’s the first thing you’re going to replace?

Now get up and put it by the door to take it to Goodwill.

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