Make more money

Want to make more money…here’s how

Want to make more money in your business…here’s how.

I’ll bet you’re shaking your head yes.

I’ve been watching Darren Hardy’s success series every morning and today he talked about this very subject.  I love how he breaks it into a very simple process:

Step 1:  Add more value to the world

Step 2:  Learn how to market your value

Making money focuses us on just the transaction, the changing of money between two parties.

Instead let’s consider focusing on creating value.

Ask yourself:

  • What does my ideal client need?
  • Am I listening to them?
  • Am I giving them solutions to their problems.


It’s all so simple if only we would just slow down and LISTEN.What can you do to create more value so that your products and services are more  valuable to your ideal client than the money he or she will have to part with in order to obtain it?

Take a look at your products and services and make a list.

What do you offer that is worth more to your clients than the money you collect from it?  

Then to market it well, you must be able to articulate it well and get that in front of your prospects.

The value to your prospects is in the benefits they will receive, not the features of what you offer.

Marketing is all about how you effectively communicate that value and this takes time and patience along with tweaking your copy.

If you want to make more money in your business it is essential that you take a deep look at what you offer and ask yourself:  “What do I need to add to increase the value of my product or services?”
Share your thoughts and let me know what you are going to do to create more value.


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