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What Should I Include in My Video Scripts

Some of you may be wondering…what should I include in my video script so that you can create client-attracting videos in a single take?

I’ve got you covered in this video…

If you are on social media…pretty much any platform right now, you’ll notice that video content is king right now.  

From Tik Tok to Instagram Reels and Facebook, video content is getting more views and engagement.   This is part of the reason why I keep showing up in your inbox talking about video content!   The other reason why is that it is so darn easy to create…faster and easier than sitting down to create a written blog.

Why it is so easy and fast is that I’ve developed the 12x video script formula where you can quickly create a video script in less than 20 minutes…

I walk you through what we include in our video script templates that help our students and clients get more comfortable in front of the camera so that they are able to create videos in a single take.

If you want to improve your videos so that you can increase your authority and connection with your audience then you’ll want to grab a piece of paper, a pen and take a few minutes to watch this quick video.

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