The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021
I want to share with you the same Content Marketing Strategy that I use in my business for all of my one on one clients.
In fact, this is the same strategy that I teach in my online course smart simple content marketing.

The great thing about this content strategy is that we can change how we deliver the content to our audiences to get the biggest engagement. 

What I mean is that we change up the format to make sure we deliver content to our audiences based on current marketing trends.  

And right now we know from measuring our analytics based on handling thousands of pieces of content for our clients and what our students tell us that video is the most effective format right now.

So changing up the format of the content we’re delivering is really the only change we ever make.

We end up using the same strategy year after year, but we tweak it based on what the trends are,

Here’s a quick peek at what I’ll be covering in this video: 
How to find hot topics for your content.
This works whether you’re writing blog posts, shooting YouTube videos, or recording podcasts, you’ll learn how to find topics that get results.
How to pick the best format for your content.
Specifically what we see is the best way for you to get seen and heard in the sea of noise on Social Media right now.
And finally, I’ll cover how to promote your content the right way.
This is what we do to immediately drive traffic to each post as soon as we click publish.  The process is so simple that you can do it too!

To help you get started creating GREAT content I’ve created a guide called the content creators roadmap

This handy guide walks you through the steps you need to know in order to create profitable content.

profitable content creators roadmap