Simple Ways to Improve Your CTA

Traffic Tip: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your CTA

Are you including a CTA or call to action in your copy?    When you use these 3 simple ways to improve your CTA, you will improve not only your traffic but your leads and sales.

Let’s go over what makes a great CTA or lead as I like to call them.  

The job of your Lead or CTA is to let the reader know what they stand to gain by reading or signing up. Doing this whether it is in your lead copy or at the end of your post is a great source of traffic.

Unless your lead grabs their attention you won’t be competitive…

One Big Idea
Present them with one single thing that will make your ideal client more successful or able to solve a pain they are experiencing.

Lead with a Benefit
Offer a benefit that addresses a strong need your client has.  In order to do this well you need to really understand what pain your ideal client is currently experiencing and how your article, product or opt-in offer can help.  

Be sure you state that benefit in your lead or CTA.  Never lead with a feature, they don’t care. What they care about is how it will solve their problem better than someone else’s.

Example from a recent post I did:  Did you know that LinkedIn groups is a really good source for traffic that’s easy to turn into leads and sales?

I know that my readers are looking for more Traffic, Leads and sales and I tell them that linkedIn is a good source of traffic leads and sales in the lead copy of my post.  I reinforce the title of my post that I’m sharing a traffic tip on LinkedIn Groups.

Be Direct With Your Copy
promise a benefit that is  unique and competitive.  I like to use “How To” copy in my lead ins as it tells my readers that I’m going to show they how to do something.

Other words to include are simple, easy, step by step…readers will be more likely to keep reading if they see the solution you are offering is easy and that they can do it…

To wrap it up simply here’s the list:

  • One big Idea – present one single thing that will help
  • Include a benefit – tell them how its going to help solve a problem they have
  • Be direct – show them a benefit that is unique and competitive

Use these 3 techniques to improve your lead copy and you’ll see your traffic, leads and sales increase.  Here’s where you should be using this this list:

  • Opt in offers
  • Articles
  • Posts on social media
  • Landing Pages



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