repurpose your content

5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

You might be wondering…how do I get more mileage out of my content without doing more work?

One of the smartest things I’ve learned to implement in my business and teach to thousands of students in my Content 12x Maximizer program is how to repurpose content.

Today I’m sharing 5 easy ways that you can repurpose your content without doing a lot of extra work.

If you’re feeling like you are constantly under pressure to create new content then you’ll want to watch this video where I show you how to script and record your content so that you can easily repurpose it.

Then I cover all the different ways you can take that single video and turn it into multiple forms of content

And the best thing about doing it this way? It’s a lot faster and easier to create a simple script and film it than writing an entire blog post.

We’ve been doing this for months now and it really takes the pressure off of me because I can create an entire month’s worth of blog posts in one single video!

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Wondering If You Are Ready to Create an Online Course?

One of the questions I get from my clients and students when thinking about creating an online course is “should I create a digital course?”

The answer I give depends on where you are in your business and how you want to use it to grow to the next level — which is why I’ve put together this quick and easy 2-minute quiz to help you figure out if you’re ready!