Website Traffic Experts You Should Meet

5 Website Traffic Experts You Should Meet

I shared a quote over on my Facebook page a few days ago that got a lot of attention.

Here’s what I said…

This is MY PERSONAL RULE when I am looking to learn something new. I always start by finding someone I can learn from that has PROVEN results.

Not just saying they can but showing me they can!

I’m going to roll back the curtain and share with you my go to list for getting the very best information on Website traffic.

5 Website Traffic Experts You Should Meet

1.  Don Crowther

Don Crowther

A couple of years ago I took Don’s Content Max training and I learned about Buzz Sumo…that was the beginning of my love affair with Traffic.  I really got some great wins using his methods.

He’s got some compelling statistics that will get you motivated to start blogging in his article on The Benefits of Blogging.

Did you know that 37% of bloggers report that Video Blogging is the most valuable type of blog?

I just read an astounding statistic from Cisco that predicts that by 2019 80% of blogging traffic will come from video.

So if you aren’t doing a video blog at least once a month you should start now!   I’ve found that by changing my CTA on my Facebook page to watch video I’ve gotten more clicks than before!  And the same is with engagement on Social Media – everyone loves video…especially videos less than 3 minutes.

You can find Don over at: and on Twitter at: @Don_Crowther

2.  Ryan Deiss: Digital Marketer

Ryan Deiss Digital MarketerRyan Deiss is the founder of this company whose 5 year goal is to double the size of 10,000 small businesses.

Digital marketer is a vibrant community where people like you and I come to get help with Traffic,  Conversion Rates, and  Social Media.

They are also know for hosting the Traffic and Conversion Event every year.  I’ve watched the replays and I know that these folks are on top of their game.  They break everything you need to do into simple step by step actions that you can actually do.

If you look at anything on their site, I highly recommend you take a look at their Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas.  Its an easy to read post where they basically take the most popular blog post types and give you a laundry list of ideas to get you started blogging.

You can find here Digital Marketer  and on Twitter at: @DigitalMktr

3.  Neil Patel: Quick Sprout

Neil PatelNeil Patel is the founder of Quick Sprout and Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.  His blog is chocked full of informative and interesting articles on Traffic and Content Marketing.  There’s something for everyone on his site…beginner to expert marketer.  If you are a newbie and just checking out his content I suggest you go take a look at his all time most popular posts.

One of my fav’s is What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media.  Very informative and he’s got a great infographic that will show you platform by platform when you should be posting.  However from my experience you don’t want to only post twice a week on Facebook, you want to be publishing content EVERY day at least 5 times per day.  Like he suggests, you should do your research using FanPageKarma to find the best times to post on Facebook and to see what your competitors are doing.

You can find Quick Sprout here: or on Twitter at: @neilpatel

4.  Ana Hoffman: Bite Sized Traffic Hacks

Ana Hoffman I’ve personally followed Ana for over 2 years now.  And one of the main reasons I like her so much is that she shares traffic strategies that people like you and I can easily use..  Her posts are fun and easy to read. I’ve learned some great tips from Ana that I’ve added to my personal arsenal.

My most favorite tip from Ana is where she shared how to take a blog post and make it into a pdf and put it on slide share – it only takes a few minutes to do this and it gets my content out in front of a new audience.

I recommend that you check this article out here and start making a pdf of your posts each week and get them onto slideshare, it’s simple, fast and gets your stuff out in front of a whole new audience:

You can find her here on twitter:  Traffic Generation Cafe on Twitter at:  @AnaTrafficCafe

5.  John Morrow: Boost Blog Traffic

jon MorrowJon got his start writing for big blog sites like copy blogger. Like me he is passionate about traffic and helping real people get real results.  I love it that he caters to 3 levels of bloggers, the beginner, the serious blogger and then the Entrepreneur blogger who is making serious cash with their site.

I really loved his recent article:  An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic.

He basically says that not all blogs are capable of getting traffic and he gives readers a list of 7 Tests Every Blog Must Pass.  I really recommend that you read this post and answer these questions.

Go read this article and take a hard look at your current blog and see if it passes!

You can find Jon here at: and on twitter at:@JonMorrow

That’s my top list at the moment, however I am always on the lookout for great traffic tips so that I can bring you the most up to date and actionable ideas to help you get more website traffic.

If you’re new to my blog and are looking for Traffic Tips that work, you can find them right on my hand resource page here: How To Get More Traffic

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