More blog traffic from Pinterest

9 tips for more blog traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest can be a game changer for getting more traffic on your blog.

The good kind…highly engaged traffic that comes back again and again. It’s a great way to build your expert status.

Here’s 9 tips for more blog traffic from Pinterest

1.  Pin high quality pins

Has a high quality eye catching image Use tall images with good imagery rather than short, small images that look low-quality. Add copy to your image to tell pinners what your pin is about.

2.  Has a working link

Make sure your link goes directly back to your website if you are uploading a pin. And if you are pinning some else’s pin make sure the link works.

3.  Pin content to relevant boards

Put the right content in the right place on your boards. And for that matter make sure you have boards relevant to your audience.

I ended up hiding all of my personal boards and only publicly displaying boards that are relevant to my audience.

4.  Use good pin descriptions

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms. It is a search engine. You’ll want to include keywords that are relevant to your pin in your description so they can be found.

5. No hashtags needed!

Not relevant or needed anymore in Pinterest. In the past you could click on them but no longer.

6. Use keywords when setting up your boards

Use them in both the name and the description so your board will be found. Don’t be a stuffer just use good terms and words that your audience would use.

7. Add categories to your boards

Oops! That was one of the first things I looked at when revamping my Pinterest account and it was a nightmare.

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine so put your board in a category that makes sense when searching.

8. Clean your pins

Yes, if you are serious about your account you will want to go in and do a thorough house cleaning of pins that aren’t of interest to your audience.

Look at the images, make sure they are of good quality and have working links.

9. Be consistent

Pin on a regular schedule. I like to use Board Booster to create a bucket of pins that go out on a regular basis.

Saves me a ton of time & I spend about an hour a week getting my pins ready for the week.

My parting advice is this….

Join the party over on Pinterest, its a perfect way to get your brand out in front of an audience without having to pay for exposure and followers.

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine…

Apply the 9 tips I’ve outlined here. Be patient, watch your analytics and don’t be afraid to go back into your pins and tweak your descriptions by adding in more keywords.

Is there something you’ve done that’s working on Pinterest that I haven’t covered here?

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