Home Page That Converts

Build a Home Page That Converts

How well should my home page be converting visitors to my list? I hear this question all the time Optimally your home page should be converting between 10 and 20% of your visitors on your list.  Unfortunately most home pages don’t even convert 1% of traffic.  Getting traffic to your home page is easy and getting people to your list is hard unless you know what to do.  In this article I’m going to show you what you need to have in place so raise your conversion rates and build your list faster. Here’s what you need to consider when building a home page that converts more traffic to your list:

1.  First Impressions make a difference.

Are you capturing their attention with the right words, colors and call to action?  You have only 3 to 7 seconds to capture their initial attention or they’ll be gone and you’ve lost an opportunity to capture a lead and hopefully make a difference.  You want to design your home page that it gets noticed, and structure it so that they understand in that first 3-7 seconds what you do and they are compelled to stay on your page to learn more.

2.  Too much stuff = confusion

You want to keep your page un cluttered and don’t give your visitors too many options.  So take the time to think through and identify the outcome for this page. Do you want them to opt into your list? Do you want them to sign up for a consultation? Do you want them to read more about what you do? Resist the temptation to add too much to this page.  To many calls to action and too many moving parts will distract visitors and will cause them to do nothing.

3.  Add a video to your home page that sells your opt-in

Especially if this is the what you have identified as your main outcome for this page. Adding a video of you speaking really helps to improve your conversion rate because it gives people a deeper sense of who you are and what you do on a more personal level.

If your homepage isn’t  doing its job to help build your business and making you money, then something’s wrong.

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home page that converts


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