Drive Traffic with Twitter Influencers

Traffic Tip: Drive Traffic with Twitter Influencers

Drive Traffic with Twitter Influencers image for pinterest Today we are going to dive into how to drive traffic with twitter influencers

Influence marketing is all about using influencers in a your niche to get more people interested in you and your message. And the bonus of using this strategy is that you’ll build your Twitter following at the same time!

When an influencer makes a comment, shares something, takes a stand or endorses a product, service or company of yours,  then the followers of the influencer are likely to go and see what you are all about.

An influencer is anyone who has a strong following in his or her domain and is an authority. For example, Brendon Burchard is an influencer for anyone wanting to build a coaching business while a pop star may be an influencer for a wide variety of products.

How to drive traffic with Twitter influencers.

1. Find  influencers in your niche

You need to find a someone who is respected in your niche. Go with people who have a worthwhile following on the site and can have an impression on the followers or on Twitter in general.   Or use a tool like to see who the influencers are in your niche

2.  Make  a list of influencers

This is a great list to have and you should be aiming to connect with these influencers.  You want to connect with anyone who can make a difference to your marketing campaign. You should get industry leaders, customers who have a considerable following, reviewers or experts who are respected by the consumers and people who have a general influence on people.

3. Engage with your influencers.

  • Start following them
  • Re-tweet them
  • Mention them when sharing posts or when posting your own content
  • Tweet or re-tweet their blogs and opinion posts,
  • Favorite their tweets and engage with their audience,
  • Comment on their blog posts and engage with other commenters there on a regular basis
  • Write content about them if relevant and share on twitter.  This is a favorite of mine!

You just want to politely get the attention of the influencers by either asking directly or by making relevant approaches, posts and comments online.   If you approach people with with giving rather than getting in mind, you will be pleasantly surprised at the response you will get.

I suggest that you work on getting the attention of lower level influencers, you have more of an opportunity to get a response from them.  I also suggest that you be authentic in sharing their content and don’t act too pushy.  That is always a turn off!

Wrapping it all up… it pays to stay consistent

When you are consistent and drive traffic with twitter influencers you’ll begin to see results with this strategies, you will start to get more attention and exposure from your twitter profile.  I find that once you get to about 2000 followers the magic begins.  More people follow you especially if you adhere to a daily twitter engagement plan where you are on your account engaging with people authentically.

Combining this with continually circulating great content from your website will get you noticed and more traffic back to your site.  I’d love to know how many influencers you’re connecting with as a regular part of your social media, traffic & networking plan – leave me a comment and let me know!

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