Convert Traffic into Sales through Content Marketing

How to Convert Traffic into Sales through Content Marketing

Pinterest: how toconvert traffic into sales with content marketing Content marketing is the best way to increase your blog traffic, improve sales and grow brand awareness.

Content marketing is an organic way for you to generate more prospects. It costs less and produces more sales leads and customers than the old fashioned forms of marketing. The marketing results you generate today through content marketing will last forever.

Check out the following 11 tips for converting traffic into sales using content

1. Create Content that teaches

While your ultimate goal is to convert readers into customers who come to your website and end up paying for your products or services, it is important to produce content that educates. Finding a balance between teaching and selling is a powerful way to keep people coming back. It is also a great way to encourage them to share your content. If they learned something, chances are they will be excited to share what they learned (and where they learned it from) with their friends.

2.  Create Content with Quality

Always creating quality content should be your first focus. Make it unique and useful so readers come back for more. It is also the best way to get noticed by search engines. Googles latest algorithms are set to seek out high quality.

3.  Use Varied Forms of Content

As you put together your content, get creative! Use different avenues to present the information. Here are a few examples you can consider

  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Blog posts

These will add variety as well as appealing to different people in different ways.

3.  Reach out to Your Tribe with Content

Reach out to your readers and engage with them. Create content that not only leads to discussions among others but discussions on your blog as well. Ask questions, encourage people to comment and share your thoughts.

4.  Optimize Content for SEO

Review your content before you publish to make sure it is optimized for search engines. Don’t stuff too many keywords in the content, present your content in an organized manner to make it more readable by the crawlers and bots. Use headings and shorter paragraphs and link previous posts to points in your current content. Use a good amount of white space as well, so your content doesn’t look cluttered.

5.  Pick Topics that Interest Your Ideal Client

As you seek to attract prospects through your content, look for topics that are trending, topics that are relevant to your industry, and topics that bring value to the target audience.

Research the types of content being presented by your competitors and analyze how readers are engaging with them. Use keyword searches and observe the landing pages for the keywords you select. And don’t be afraid to seek feedback through surveys and polls with your readers and customers.

6.  Share Content through Social Media

Don’t let your content sit on your blog!  You need to publish it and consistently rotate it out on all  of your social media platforms!

Every social media outlet has a unique way of doing things and the best way to upload your content. Do your research and find multiple sources of social media to work through. Be consistent in sharing your content through various routes of social media.

Following these tips will increase the traffic that comes to your website while also increase your conversions into sales. Create a marketing plan, be reasonable with your goals and then be consistent.


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