Pinterest Strategy

Use This Pinterest Strategy For More Traffic, Leads and Clients

Is your Pinterest strategy account helping to drive traffic, leads and clients?  If not, then I’ve got a simple strategy that will help you!

Pinterest should definitely be on your radar as part of your social media strategy.  Why? Because what most content creators don’t understand is that Pinterest is a search engine and people are over there searching for answers, just like YouTube!

With so many people  focusing on the popular stuff right now like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook so Pinterest is an opportunity for you to show up get noticed and drive more traffic to your website!

The problem is that most content creators don’t even know where to begin with there Pinterest Strategy or may even have a Pinterest account that is set and floundering.

5 Simple Tips to Create and Implement a Pinterest Strategy That Works

Tip #1:  Create Content That is Easily Repurposable.

So what do I mean by creating repurposable content? It’s as simple as creating a short video that can be republished and turned into other forms of content.

Here’s what I recommend and teach inside of my 12x Content Creation Method Program:

Create a simple script

Film and post it on YouTube, your blog

Repurpose it into  a Podcast

Tip #2:  Add Your Content Into Pinterest:

Each piece of your content that you created can and should be added into Pinterest as part of your Pinterest strategy.  The fact is that some people want to watch a video, some want to listen to a podcast and some want to read a blog post.

Here’s the Pinterest Strategy For Your Content:

Upload your videos directly to Pinterest

Create a Pin for your Blog Post

Create a Pin with Your Podcast Sound Bite

Create a Pin with Your Podcast Episode Information

The best tool by far to make automating your Pinterest Content easy is Tailwind.  And I use Canva to create all of my images for Pinterest.

Tip #3:  You Need a Pinterest Strategy For Your Account

Before you start, you need to put thought and time into developing your Pinterest strategy for your account.   

Here Are The Steps To Follow:

Create a board strategy that is organized into areas of content that is relevant to your business

Look at how you have organized your content on your blog as a starting spot

Keep it simple by narrowing your boards into the most important categories

Having a your strategy for your boards will help to keep you focused as you add content.

Tip #4: Do’s And Don’t For Your Pinterest Strategy:

Take time to build your account thoughtfully and over time.

 Don’t immediately add a ton of pins to your boards as soon as you set up your account.  Your followers may get annoyed if you flood their pins with only your content.   Making this mistake may cause your followers to “unfollow” you.

Keep your total pins to a maximum of 30-35 per day and spread them out.  Who wants to log into their account only to see your pins and nothing else?

Do not make the mistake of using Pinterest only to promote your business.

Instead, you should create a board strategy that is a mix of your content categories and with your own offers.

Focus on adding value and solutions to their pressing issues, and answer their questions. 

If you are already creating content that is focused on what you audience wants from you then you are good to go! 

Do select images that are high quality and inspiring to your audience.

Just like Facebook, Pinterest is very visual.  Make sure you select images that are appealing and sharable.  Doing this correctly will result in driving traffic.  

Here are a couple of tips to help you:

Make sure your photos are taller than they are wide.   Statistics show that images that are taller are easier to read.  Photos that are taller and have more content get more pins than shorter ones with less content.

Keep your descriptions short.  Studies show that if you apply the character count of 140 to your descriptions, you will get more pins.

Experiment by adding video content to your boards.

You can read more about The Science of the Perfect Pinterest Post here.

Do include engagement as part of your Pinterest strategy. 

Engagement is critical if you want to grow a thriving Pinterest community for your business.  It is important that you engage and network with other people.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set aside time each week to re-pin and like images on Pinterest or if you have Tailwind you can automate this for you!

Follow other people and brands in your niche as a way to develop those relationships.

Take advantage of Tailwind Communities to grow your influence and get more traffic as part of your Pinterest Strategy.  This alone has really helped me build my account and get more traffic.

Your next step to creating a Pinterest Strategy that gets you more traffic, leads, and paying customers should be to create the right content that your audience is asking for.

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