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How to Create an Effective Content Strategy

In this video, I’m talking to you about creating an effective content strategy.

The Content marketing institute digital content marketing stats show that 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement.

And in Hubspot’s 2020 Annual Marketing report says  70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.

My hope is that these two statistics convince you that having a content strategy is an important part of marketing your business.

Your #1 objective when creating an effective marketing strategy  should be to create content that reaches your target audience, that people want read, and that increase yours leads and ultimately turns them into customers.

So how do you create an effective content strategy?

In the video I cover the following:
#1: What content to create
#2: The importance of planning ahead
#3: A simple framework for  creating an effective content strategy.

Watch the video and find out how you can create an effective content strategy:

Get the Roadmap for Creating Profitable Content

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