How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Standout And Get You Noticed

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Standout And Get You Noticed

If you’re not getting the views you want on YouTube then you’ll want to take a look at your thumbnail images because that is the first thing people see when browsing content on Youtube.

And if your thumbnail images aren’t helping you to stand out and get noticed you’re going to have a hard time getting people to consume your content.

Everything I share in this video can be applied to any piece of content that you share out on Social Media!

In this video, I share my best tips for YouTube thumbnails learned from my experience creating hundreds of pieces of video content with hundreds of thousands of views.

👉 Here’s what I cover in this video:

✅ Where to get inspiration for your thumbnails (search youtube

✅ What you want to include in your video thumbnail… including how to get photos that match your video

✅ Tips for Creating YouTube Thumbnails – quickie Canva Tutorial

Then at the end of this video, I’ll be answering the following questions from my audience in more detail:

✅ Question #1: I don’t have a photographer (or the budget for one) so how can I take photos of myself?

✅ Question #2: Okay so I’ve got some headshots but how do I get the background off so I can use them for my thumbnails and social media posts?

Whether or not you’re on YouTube (and you definitely should be!) you can apply what I teach to ANY piece of content that you’re sharing out on social media using these tips.

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