Generate Traffic Using Twitter

How to Generate Traffic Using Twitter

Wondering how to generate traffic using Twitter to get more people on your website?

I have personally experienced how powerful twitter can be when you use these Twitter Traffic Generation Tips.  Set them up to get automated traffic to your site on a daily basis and increase your engagement on twitter.

Here’s the step-by-step Twitter traffic generation action plan help you get started generating more traffic and build your engagement:

Twitter Traffic Generation Tip #1:  Gather your content

This is one of my most favorite tips!  Here’s what you need to have:

  • A solid Twitter bio, telling people what you do.

  • Your Blog posts

  • A Free Offer set up on your website – preferably on a landing page

  • Quality tweets  –  quotes, posts from niche-related blogs.

  • Promotional tweets for your content are okay –  just don’t make the the main focus of what you are sharing.  It should accoung for no more than 5-10% of your total content on Twitter

I like to keep it all organized on a spreadsheet so I can use my content over and over again!  Want to talk to me about getting more traffic, leads & clients using this an other strategies from my tool box?  Book time with me  right here…

Twitter Traffic Generation Tip #2: Create a thank you message

Then link your thank you message directly to your free offer page.

Send your message to all your new followers.

I am a big fan of automation so recommend that you schedule your message to be delivered automatically to new followers using Hootsuite or Tweet Adder

In it, you need to invite them to visit the free offer page on your website.

In your copy you’ll want to show them how it will benefit them by grabbing your free offer.

You will want to track and tweak your offer copy a few times until you get it right.

Twitter Traffic Generation Tip #3:  Follow other people first

This is something that you should put on your marketing schedule (or delegate) at least weekly.

You can’t just sit back and wait for people to follow you.  The smartest way to do it is to follow those you want to follow you first – you know the old saying you don’t get things unless you ask for them first?  Well it works here too….

Don’t make this into  a complicated process.  Just hop onto twitter a couple of times a week and spend 15 minutes finding people to follow.

Here’s how it works:

  • you follow them;

  • some of them will follow you ( not everyone, and that’s OK)

  • they’ll get your thank you message

  • they’ll follow your link to your site

  • they’ll like what they see on your site (you may need to tweak it a few times until you get this right.)

  • they engage with your content (leave a comment, retweet, etc);

  • you engage with them back on your website and/or on Twitter

Voila!  Twitter starts to build and you generate traffic to your site.  And once you get over 2000 twitter followers and you are sharing new content on a regular basis – thing start to build faster and faster…

What to do when people don’t follow you back?

Unfollow them, yes it’s simple as that and here’s why…

You’ll want to add this into your weekly Twitter marketing as well.  I usually give people about a week or so and if they don’t follow me back – that’s okay, they just may not be active or interested in what I am sharing.

And I want to open that spot up for someone who may need what I offer.

Twitter Traffic Generation Tip #4:  Content Marketing

Here’s where the rubber hits the road!

I think that content marketing is the most powerful way you can get known out on twitter and build more traffic back to your site.

This can be easily set up and automated using:

  • Content from your blog posts

  • Link Shortener – to shorten your blog post URL and for tracking purposes.  I like to use

  • Hootsuite or Tweet Adder Account

Then set this all up and schedule it to go out on your twitter account using Social Oomph or Hootsuite

When you consistently blog and market your content using this tactic along with other traffic generation methods it can take your website hits from less than 300 hits per month t0 over 7500  hits per month.

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