How we grew a podcast and its companion youtube channel

Success Story: How We Grew a Podcast and Its Companion YouTube Channel

Find out how we grew a podcast and its companion YouTube channel organically along with often-asked questions about podcasting and how to get started.

Listen where I share our latest success story where I give you the details on what we did to grow this podcast from 19 downloads to over 1700 downloads and we grew its companion YouTube Channel to over 14k views a month!

All organically, with no paid ads or sponsorships.

And many of the same strategies we share use apply to both channels. So listen to today’s video where I share:

 #1: The content planning strategy we use to create viral video and podcast content

 #2: What we do to repurpose content between both platforms…it’s easier than you think!

 #3: And how we take that content and repurpose it and share it on Social Media

At the end I answer these questions:

How much does it cost to start a podcast?

How can I monetize my podcast from day one?

Why podcasting is the next marketing frontier?




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