Entrepreneur Mindset: Your Enthusiasm is Contagious!

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Your enthusiasm is contagious, use it to inspire those around you and you’ll build a loyal tribe. When you are deeply engaged, enthusiastic and committed to creating something of excellence people around you can sense it. I know, I have worked with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years and I can quickly tell you which ones […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: How to Truly Motivate Yourself

Truly Motivate Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I as an entrepreneur struggle with what it takes to motivate myself, especially when fear is involved. I listen every morning to Darren Hardy’s success tips and it was perfect timing for me to here his take on how to truly motivate yourself. I started this year off with […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Knowledge is power but only when you apply it

Knowledge is power but only when you apply it

Daily we are barraged with an never ending stream of information coming at us from every angle. All of this stuff is great but knowledge is power but only if you apply it and use it wisely…. I don’t know about you but I find all of this information to be very overwhelming at times. We […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Just Say No to Complacency

No to Complacency

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to just say no to complacency. Complacency is your enemy my friend. It’s easy to set those goals and initially be enthusiastic about achieving them. We all do it. We find ourselves all fired up and going for it. For many of you, myself included we experience some […]

Want to make more money…here’s how

Make more money

Want to make more money in your business…here’s how. I’ll bet you’re shaking your head yes. I’ve been watching Darren Hardy’s success series every morning and today he talked about this very subject.  I love how he breaks it into a very simple process: Step 1:  Add more value to the world Step 2:  Learn […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Give Up The Toxic People

Give Up The Toxic People

One of my favorite quotes and one I take to heart most often when thinking about how I can improve myself and my life is: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn When was the last time you took stock of who you are working with […]

Mindset Monday: Lie #1: There’s something wrong with me

Lie #1

In my last Mindset Monday Post I wrote about having an open vs a fixed mindset. I’m still on my personal mindset journey. And, I’m learning that keeping myself in an open mindset is really the first step for me on this journey and I’ve incorporated those questions I shared with you into my daily […]