Rinse and Repeat

Traffic Tip: Rinse and Repeat

Traffic Tip: Rinse and Repeat your content on a regular basis!

Do you have great content, quotes, articles that you’ve already posted out on social media or on your blog? Make sure you don’t bury it never to see the light of day again.

Great content needs to be rinsed and repeated. Take a few key parts of your article and break it into multiple post, create 90 quote graphics, create 90+ random pieces of encouragement and then set them up to rotate out on social media using a schedule. This will take the pressure off of having to create new content all the time and get your best stuff out there on a regular basis!

Here’s what I use to schedule my content:

Instagram and Pinterest:  TailWind

Love this tool as it allows me to not only plan and schedule my post, I can also do the following

  • Quickly add my personal hashtags
  • Watch key accounts
  • Repost – great for feature accounts
  • View my metrics to see what’s working and what’s not working

The only drawback is that I have to reschedule content as I cannot set it up to repeat.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin: Meet Edgar

Love Love Love Love Meet Edgar!  I’ve tried a lot of schedulers and I feel this is the best, especially since I use it to manage a bunch of accounts for my clients.  It allows us to create custom queues that we can control by day of the week, month, and time of day.  And the great thing is that your content can be set up to repeat for a number of times, not at all or indefinitely.

I use this tool for the bulk of my social media content scheduling for blog posts, quotes, opt-in offers, and anything else we want to have to go out on social media.

BONUS TIP: Pin your best content to the top of your FB Feed and your Twitter feed then change it up weekly.




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