Simple SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

10 Simple SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

10 SIMPLE TIPS FOR MORE TRAFFIC for pinterest On page SEO is one of the most effective SEO tips that will help increase your website traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of bringing in blog or website traffic, but it can be so difficult to understand. And with ever changing algorithms, even experienced bloggers can feel like they are guessing.

I’ve compiled my best 10 SEO tips to help you pump up your website traffic

10 Simple SEO Tips to Get More Traffic

1.  Use High Contrast Images

Always start off your post with an image. It catches the eye of a reader, helps them to have a hint about your article and makes it easy to share with social media. Don’t forget to fill in those Alt Tags in the media files – that helps your SEO!

The bolder the image the better as it will help catch your reader’s eye on Social Media.

And if you can use a tool like canva, add your title to your image. That’s the first thing people see on social media.

2.  Add a Great Headline

It’s all in the title.

Having a killer title will make a huge difference in getting people to even click in the first place. Several things to consider when creating your title are to keep it under 9 words, make sure it is clear and concise, create controversy or be problem solving.

I suggest that you keep a swipe file of headlines and refer to those when brainstorming titles.  It’s also a good idea to make sure you use the google keyword planner to help you brainstorm keywords that people are searching for.

Bonus Tip:  Adding keywords that have monthly searches between 300-700 and low to medium competition will help you get more traffic

3.  Add Tags

Once you have that great title, be sure you add good tags to your post.  It gives the reader a better understanding of the your content.

It often can be the deciding factor for your reader to click through and read the rest of the article.

4.  Add Categories

Add relevant categories to your post so when people visit your site they can search and find your content that is organized under a category.

This will make it easier for your visitors to get all the information they need on a particular subject when visiting your site.

Bonus Tip:  I like to build resource pages for my most popular categories.  A resource page is a compilation of my best blog posts on one page organized by topic.

You can check out my resource page on How to Get More Traffic to Your  HERE

5. Fill Out The Meta Description

A short, unique description helps the search engines know what the article is about and helps it show up in searches.

Write a good one and include your keywords and you’ll see your SEO score and your traffic improve.

Think of it as a mini advertisement for your post.

6.  Write Great Content

I think that this topic should go at the top of this list.

Having spectacular content is probably the most important thing you can do on your site!  Often times this is the first impression someone may have of you and you want to make a good one.

So don’t skimp on the quality of your content  – EVER!

7.  Double Your Efforts at The Beginning

Along with great content, create the most powerful part of your content within the first paragraph.  You want to convince them to read further.

You may lose your reader’s attention later on, so be sure to get the most important part of your message across in the first few paragraphs.

8. Use the Right SEO Plugin

If your blog or website uses WordPress, you can use one of the popular SEO plugins available. Some of the best ones are  SEO by Yoast.

Its the only one we install on sites we create for our clients.  I use it every time I write a blog post or update one to make sure I am doing the best I can with my on page SEO efforts.

9.  Link Your Posts Whenever Possible

As a general rule, you want to link readers to other great content on your site.

Sometimes it is necessary to post a link that takes readers away from your blog. Be sure to link these so they open in a separate window so your readers won’t forget and can easily find their way back to you.

Linking articles together on your own site is one of the best ways to get some good “SEO juice”.  Don’t however try to trick the system, do it right and only link content that is relevant to the subject you are covering.

10.  Use Good Formatting

Making your content easy to read is very important.

Spacing can make or break your content. Short, easy to read paragraphs with bold titles and good flow will go a long way in keeping readers interested in what you have to say.

Use bullet points and lists along with subtitles and images wherever you can as it will improve your user experience.

Bonus Tip:  Include a video in the middle of your content – it will catch people’s attention and keep them on your page longer.  The same goes for sprinkling images throughout your post and adding in infographics as well.

As you incorporate these 10 SEO tips in your posts going forward, you will notice an increase of traffic to your site.

You can also go back and optimize past posts, just do it gradually. You don’t want to get overwhelmed by the task, but doing a few a week will help you catch up in no time.

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