Generate More Traffic and Leads Using Twitter

How to Generate More Traffic and Leads Using Twitter

Generate More Traffic and Leads Using Twitter for pinterest If you are reading this, I’ll bet you have a Twitter account and I’m betting again that you probably aren’t using it it’s full potential – am I right?

While a lot of you are using their Twitter account to share content and communicate with their customers, not as many of you are leveraging your social media presence to generate traffic and leads.

And I am here to tell you the good news is that yes, you can get good leads from Twitter.  One of my clients connected with and closed a $15K VIP client from Twitter.

6 simple tips to help you generate more traffic and leads using Twitter

1.  Take Advantage of What Twitter Gives You

It’s a great start to use your Twitter account to share interesting content, but there is a heck of a lot more that you can do. The first place that you can look to spruce up is your Twitter bio. It’s a good place to let your company’s personality shine. It’s also a great location to put in a short call to action that will get people to go where you want them to go…remember all roads should be leading back to your website.

I have my client invite their new followers to go to their blog where they have more information and great free giveaways all set up to build their expert status and then connect deeper with their leads.

2.  Add a Pinned Tweet

Take advantage of the pinned tweet.

Recently rolled out to all, Twitter now allows you to pin 1 tweet at the top of your timeline. Strategically use this tool  to make sure your  most important messages are seen or if you want a specific tweet to get more retweets.

They are displayed permanently at the top of your feed, and you can use them as a billboard of sorts to point people to things you consider to be most pertinent about your business.

3.  Listen and engage in the the conversation on Twitter

Make sure you don’t just use Twitter as  a content distribution channel.  You’ll find a lot of the value in your Twitter account lies in the conversations that you engage in with your followers – that is how my client got a big ticket VIP client.   Make sure you monitor  interactions and find out when they are happening, and we suggest using Hootsuite as an easy way to stay on top of those conversations.

I’d suggest that you follow keywords that are relevant to what your target market is interested in and engage in conversation with people on a regular basis – 5-10 minutes a day is enough.

And remember, it’s important that you don’t hit people with a hard sell, but have a conversation with them and offer different helpful tips.

Another excellent way of engaging in conversation is to reply to people that are already talking about you on their own.  Thank people who share your content, let them know  how much you appreciate them sharing. If they reply back, then you can invite them to have a look at your website or ask them questions about what they do.

Think of Twitter as a cocktail party where you don’t know people very well and use that as a guide to meet people.

4.  Share your opt in on Twitter

If you are already sharing a good amount of content that is of the highest quality, its a good move for you to mix in your free offer on Twitter in exchange for a person’s email address.

Note that there is a way you must to do this for it to work and not turn people off.

Make certain that the tweet that you are sending out telling people to check out your content is almost perfect. For lead generation tweets to work well they need to be short, have just one link, a clear call to action and interesting wording to catch the reader’s eye. Once you have your tweet written up, share it with all of your followers and promote it with ads if you have the budget to extend its reach just a little bit more. Using Twitter you can select very specific parameters as to who exactly would see it.

Be sure to not over promote your lead generation or sales content on Twitter – it should be amount to 10% of your total tweets on Twitter.

One last idea is to use a lead generation card so people that exchange their emails for content in one click or get them redirected to a landing page specifically made for the purpose of showcasing the content they are about to look at and a form to collect their necessary information.

5.  Never Stop Building Your Network

Your Twitter account should help you connect with your audience. The key to making sure that this happens is to be certain that you are in contact with people who will want to look at your content and show that they may be likely to become actual customers one day.

You can’t always choose who follows you, but you can still structure your follower base to reflect your target market. The best way to do that is following your prospects. If you provide a good bio and content in your feed there is an excellent chance that you will get followed back. Sort people through interests, follow people tweeting out specific hash tags and even following some of your own competition may be a great way to find your key audience.

We like to build twitter follow lists based upon where our client’s prospects may be hanging out. To build these follow lists we look at other people in their niche and then start targeting their followers on this list.  We do set up parameters for this follow list so we that we make sure we are connecting with the followers who are most likely to engage with us on Twitter.

Remember, don’t forget about your actual followers for a second. Sharing their content and is a great way to create a personal connection with them.

Aim to share at a minimum of 1-2 things per day from your followers.

6.  Connect With More People Using Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are an excellent way to expand the reach of your business and to get your followers talking about something that is related to your business. They are very easy to set up. All you need is a good hash tag and a time of the week you want to do everything.

One of the reasons why this method works so well is that when you conduct a Twitter chat, you are also being seen by your followers’ followers! The more people that tweet during these and come back every week if you schedule them at good times you will attract more people to what you have to offer. Don’t go for a hard sell during one of these, but it is a good place to get yourself known as a person of influence on a specific topic and to share some relevant content that you might have.

Wrapping it all up

Connecting on Twitter does take some time and energy. When done well, it is almost always worth the time; give you the opportunity to connect with a bigger audience and being able to help more people.


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