3 Tips to Improve the SEO for Your Blog Posts

Improve the SEO for Your Blog Posts

Want more organic traffic to your blog?  Here’s three simple tips to improve the SEO for your blog posts. The competition is fierce today: most bloggers understand the basics of SEO so it is getting harder and harder for newcomers and even those of us who’ve been blogging for years to stand out.   1.  […]

Want to make more money…here’s how

Make more money

Want to make more money in your business…here’s how. I’ll bet you’re shaking your head yes. I’ve been watching Darren Hardy’s success series every morning and today he talked about this very subject.  I love how he breaks it into a very simple process: Step 1:  Add more value to the world Step 2:  Learn […]

The number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch

1 thing you gotta do before a launch

We’re in the final countdown before a launch… Watch this short video do see what the number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch – just CLICK on the image here to start watching: You might think I’m OCD but I have worked on systems development for years and trust me I know the […]

Traffic Tip: Increase Website Traffic with this simple SEO strategy

Increase Website Traffic with this simple SEO strategy

When someone says the word SEO, your eyes cross or glaze over at the thought of it? Or do you cringe at the thought of using google keyword planner just like I used to? Do you ask yourself why does it really have to be complicated or hard? Give me 15 minutes of your time […]

Which WordPress Theme Should You Use?

WordPress Theme Should You Use

Which wordpress theme should you use? I get asked this question frequently.  These days you have so many choices when it comes to themes. It used to be that everyone said to use the Genesis theme if you want better SEO.  I don’t know about you but I tried this theme out and what a nightmare […]

Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Guide to Instagram Marketing

Have you heard the news? Instagram is the new hot marketing tool for businesses! It has surpassed Pinterest as the leading photo sharing social media campaign almost 2 to 1. If you think Instagram is only for moms or foodies, think again! Check out the tips below to get started using Instagram to market your […]

5 Step Guide to Connecting With Social Influencers

Guide to Connecting With Social Influencers

Recent trends in marketing and social media show that Influencers are playing a role more than ever before. Consumers trust recommendations from others, outside of the brand itself. An influencer is the link connecting your brand with your target audience. When you are able to activate an influencer in your niche’ market, they not only […]

The ultimate list of the best marketing strategies

Best marketing strategies

Updated on February 2, 2016 The Ultimate List of The Best Marketing Strategies   Get Yourself Seen & Heard When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Getting yourself in front of your prospective client(s) not just once but a consistently is the key here.  Not only do you need to do this […]