guide to repurposing content

The Busy Person’s Guide to Repurposing Content

I’ve found a simple way to take a single piece of content and turn it into 4+ forms so I can reach more people. In this post, I share my simple guide to repurposing content.

Let’s start with a pop quiz for you today… which of these statements do you agree with?

  1. I hate creating content.  
  2. I am a terrible writer so I never write.   
  3. I never have enough time in the week to create new content.   
  4. I never know what to create content about.   
  5. I create content every week and I wish it was easier to create content in multiple forms.  
  6. I love to create content.   I’m super busy in my business and I always set aside at least an hour a week to create new content.


If you agree with 1 and 2 you are a content creator avoider

You probably never create new content for your business and most likely you do not understand how creating content can help you GROW your business….and you might be thinking it is way too much work.


If you agreed with statements 3  and 4 you are a content creator procrastinator.

Sometimes you create new content and sometimes you don’t… it all depends on if you feel inspired and if you’ve got time.

I”ll bet that you don’t fully understand the connection between creating content and growing your business.  And I’ll let you in on a dirty secret of mine…I have been 100% guilty of being a procrastinator too.

IF you agree with statements 5 and 6 you are a content creator lover.

You absolutely love to create content.  I bet you already know that it makes a difference in growing your business…isn’t that what inspires you to love creating new content?

So let’s dive into today’s topic…How to create one piece of content and repurpose it without going nuts.

I don’t know about you but I am busy in my business and I’m always looking for great ways to use a single piece of content and get it out there in multiple ways so in this post I’m going to show you how how to create a single piece of content that can be broken into multiple forms of content and repurposed

The great about my simple content multiplier system all of this will probably take you 30 minutes.


Watch the Busy Person’s Guide to Repurposing Content Video

Let’s get started with my simple 5 step content multiplier system:

  1. Pick your topic and do a simple outline…
    1. Intro
    2. Outline
    3. CTA
  2. Schedule a Facebook live and do it…
  3. Download your Facebook live.
  4. Add your video to Youtube and embed it your blog
    1. Be sure to add your copy to YouTube and on your blog
    2. including a CTA
  5.  Turn your audio into a podcast.


If you set up a system you can actually just do the Facebook live and then hand it off to your team to take that out a single piece of content and turn it into a blog post, YouTube, and a podcast.

That’s how you take one single piece of content and turn it into 4 pieces of content that you can use across several mediums and several platforms so you can reach more people.


Here’s the simplified guide to repurposing content:

  1. Facebook Live
  2. Youtube Post
  3. Blog Post
  4. Podcast


CTA:  Join the Content Revolution!

If you do nothing else and just follow this content multiplier system I shared today, and start Live Streaming every week…you’ll see how really easy it is!

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