Building Your Business Doesn’t Require a PhD

One of my friends sent me a link to an article the other day that got me thinking. I have heard the same thing from so many prospective clients too and what is going on here? Here’s the short version of the article: “I am so frustrated with my VA, she  keeps missing things.”   […]

How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn Them into More Content


Wondering about how to take your content and repurpose it quickly? In this video, I share Question #2: How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn into More Content Find out what service I use to get a transcription in 30 minutes or less for about a dollar. You’ll also find out how I use transcriptions […]

How to Make Stunning Videos Without Being a Tech Whiz

stunning videos

Do you want to make stunning videos even though you know you aren’t a tech wiz? Let me help take the tech scaries away…In this video, I  show you three simple steps that you can use right away that will help you instantly make better videos that your audience will love! If you aren’t creating […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: What to do when you feel like giving up

Feel like giving up

I have a secret I want to share with you… A few weeks ago I hit a wall and I felt like giving up and walking away from everything.  Have you ever hit that wall too?  I started thinking about this and I found out that this happens to most everyone else too.  In my […]

Traffic Tip: Drive Traffic with Twitter Influencers

Drive Traffic with Twitter Influencers

Today we are going to dive into how to drive traffic with twitter influencers Influence marketing is all about using influencers in a your niche to get more people interested in you and your message. And the bonus of using this strategy is that you’ll build your Twitter following at the same time! When an influencer makes a […]

Build a Home Page That Converts

Home Page That Converts

How well should my home page be converting visitors to my list? I hear this question all the time Optimally your home page should be converting between 10 and 20% of your visitors on your list.  Unfortunately most home pages don’t even convert 1% of traffic.  Getting traffic to your home page is easy and […]

List Building Series Part 1: Understanding the Power of An Email List

Understanding the Power of An Email List

Unleashing The Power of an Email List Are you interested in getting out in front of more people who are interested in your message? What if doing this increased your ability to reach people make a difference and ultimately make more money? Doing this doesn’t require any fancy SEO, design or insider knowledge.  Do I […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Achieving the perfect work day

Achieving the perfect work day

  I love it when I find something that I can share with my readers that will help them! This week I’m kicking off my first edition of Entrepreneur Mindset Tips dedicated to bringing you carefully curated content to help you have an amazing work week. This week I’m spot lighting a couple of great guys […]

My List of The Top 25 WordPress Plugins You Need

Infographic: top 25 wordpress plugins Earlier this week I talked about How to Keep Your Website Secure and what you need to have in the way of security plugins. You can check out this list right here: Let’s dive into The Top 25 WordPress Plugins  You Need on Your Website: 1. Akismet One of the most annoying things […]

How to keep your WordPress site secure

Let’s chat about website security. Frankly I’m alarmed about how many people don’t know how simple it is to protect their website.  I’ll bet that no one has shown you how to keep your WordPress site secure. I’ll even bet that half my clients don’t have a clue that I’m even taking care of this […]