How Can I Create Video Content FAST?

create video content

Strapped for time but you know you want/need to create video content? I get asked this question all the time…how do I create video content FAST? In this video, I’ve got some time-saving tips that you can use to crank out video content without wasting a ton of time. In fact, I used these same […]

What Is the Fastest Way to Create Social Media Content?

social media content

Are you finding that it’s taking way longer than you would like to create social media content?  Or, maybe you’re putting off creating social media content because you just don’t have the time?  You probably already know that you need to be out on social media but you haven’t found a FAST way to create […]

What Can I do to Instantly Make Better Videos?

better videos

Thinking you don’t have the face for videos? I used to think that too until I discovered a few tricks that helped me make better videos. And maybe some of you watching haven’t even made your first video… And, for those of you in this group, these simple tips will give you the confidence and […]

What Should I Include in My Video Scripts

video scripts

Some of you may be wondering…what should I include in my video script so that you can create client-attracting videos in a single take? I’ve got you covered in this video… If you are on social media…pretty much any platform right now, you’ll notice that video content is king right now.   From Tik Tok to […]

How to Create Videos That Get High Engagement

create videos

Are you wondering what you need to do to get higher engagement on your videos? In this video, I share 4 simple tips that we’ve learned from creating thousands of videos for our clients that will help you instantly improve your engagement. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m covering in this video: Tip #1: […]

Traffic Tip: Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

Traffic Tip: Rinse and Repeat your content on a regular basis! Do you have great content, quotes, articles that you’ve already posted out on social media or on your blog? Make sure you don’t bury it never to see the light of day again. Great content needs to be rinsed and repeated. Take a few […]

Give your clients what THEY want

Clients want

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is to give your clients what THEY want not what I THINK they want. I have seen two big companies I worked for in my years in retail fail because they refused to do this.  As a buyer running a successful $300 million […]

Hashtags 101: How and When to Use Them

Over the past few years, hashtags have taken social media by storm. You have probably seen them popping up on your Twitter feed, in Instagram and more. If you’ve wondered why or if they are important, you’ll want to read on. Hashtags are a great way to increase traffic on social media and can more […]

Traffic Tip: Where and when to post to get more website traffic

Post to get more website traffic

I get asked this question all the time… How do I get more eyeballs on my content? What I have found over the 6+ years I have been at this that it takes a couple of things to get more traffic: Consistency + Promotion You must be consistent when it comes to blogging.  Simply put, […]

How to Convert Traffic into Sales through Content Marketing

Convert Traffic into Sales through Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to increase your blog traffic, improve sales and grow brand awareness. Content marketing is an organic way for you to generate more prospects. It costs less and produces more sales leads and customers than the old fashioned forms of marketing. The marketing results you generate today through content marketing will […]

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