How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn Them into More Content


Wondering about how to take your content and repurpose it quickly? In this video, I share Question #2: How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn into More Content Find out what service I use to get a transcription in 30 minutes or less for about a dollar. You’ll also find out how I use transcriptions […]

How Can I Create Video Content FAST?

create video content

Strapped for time but you know you want/need to create video content? I get asked this question all the time…how do I create video content FAST? In this video, I’ve got some time-saving tips that you can use to crank out video content without wasting a ton of time. In fact, I used these same […]

What Can I do to Instantly Make Better Videos?

better videos

Thinking you don’t have the face for videos? I used to think that too until I discovered a few tricks that helped me make better videos. And maybe some of you watching haven’t even made your first video… And, for those of you in this group, these simple tips will give you the confidence and […]

How Do I Find Popular Content Topics?

popular content topic

You might be working on your content plan and stuck trying to figure out how do I find popular content topics that will have my audience come running. If you want to get your content all figured out in less time and with better content, then you’ll want to watch this video. After helping thousands […]

How to Make Stunning Videos Without Being a Tech Whiz

stunning videos

Do you want to make stunning videos even though you know you aren’t a tech wiz? Let me help take the tech scaries away…In this video, I  show you three simple steps that you can use right away that will help you instantly make better videos that your audience will love! If you aren’t creating […]

How to Create Videos That Get High Engagement

create videos

Are you wondering what you need to do to get higher engagement on your videos? In this video, I share 4 simple tips that we’ve learned from creating thousands of videos for our clients that will help you instantly improve your engagement. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m covering in this video: Tip #1: […]

10 tips to help you improve your blogging

Improve your blogging

I have been focusing on SEO as it pertains to blog post writing however I do not start there when I plan and write my posts.   Instead I like to think big picture when writing my blog posts. In order to help you improve your blogging, I pulled together 10 tips to help you out […]

Why being consistent with article writing pays off

Being consistent with article writing pays off

I am always telling my clients to step up their article writing!  It dawned on me this morning that if I’m standing here on soap box telling them what to do I better get right off of it and start Practicing What I’m Preaching… I wrote earlier about consistency and now I am going to […]

Your Virtual Team: How to get the results you want

One of the most important things to remember when delegating to your virtual team is that there is more than one way to do things right.   One of the first things you need to get over when delegating is the need to control every little aspect of how the task is carried out. You need to […]

Start Creating The Road Map to Your Future

How do you plan your future?  I always start to think about goal setting for next year when it starts getting close to the 4th quarter. I find it is much easier to plan a vacation than it is to plan my future.  When I go on a road trip I either use Mapquest or […]