How To Create Video Content With AI

how to create video content with ai

Hi I’m kristen poborsky and I’m here to share what I’ve discovered about creating video content using AI… If you are curious about how to create video content with AI? You’re not alone! AI-powered video creation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase efficiency and create high-quality content. Today, we’ll look at the […]

How To Make YouTube Videos With AI

how to make youtube videos with ai

In this video, content strategist Kristen Poborsky shares how to make YouTube content with AI. Maybe you’ve been hearing all about AI and thinking about using AI to make youtube content and want to know how to get started. She shares how she’s personally using it right now to help her create videos on youtube […]

Success Story: How The Right Content is Getting This Coach Paying Clients

Success Story How The Right Content is Getting This Coach Clients

You are in for a treat today, I’m interviewing one of my students enrolled in my Smart Simple Content Creation and Automation Program. Miriam Bolton is a relationship coach and in this interview, you’ll hear how this program helped her create content that got her first big-paying coaching client. → You’ll hear what she did […]

Use This Pinterest Strategy For More Traffic, Leads and Clients

Pinterest Strategy

Is your Pinterest strategy account helping to drive traffic, leads and clients?  If not, then I’ve got a simple strategy that will help you! Pinterest should definitely be on your radar as part of your social media strategy.  Why? Because what most content creators don’t understand is that Pinterest is a search engine and people […]

How do I find and hire people for my virtual team?

How do I find and hire people for my virtual team

Content and course creators spend waaaay too much time trying to do it all themselves…if your are stuck and not moving forward in your business this video is for you! In this short video, content, and course creation expert Kristen Poborsky shares her tried and true tips for finding and hiring people for your virtual […]

Why You Want to Create a Follow-Up Sequence For Your Online Course

create a follow up sequence for your online course course

In this short video, Kristen answers the question she gets asked by her Smart Simple Create Courses That Sell Students…why you want to create a follow up sequence for your online course. It’s one thing to create a course, anyone can do that.  However more importantly you want to help your students get results with […]

Success Story: How We Grew a Podcast and Its Companion YouTube Channel

How we grew a podcast and its companion youtube channel

Find out how we grew a podcast and its companion YouTube channel organically along with often-asked questions about podcasting and how to get started. Listen where I share our latest success story where I give you the details on what we did to grow this podcast from 19 downloads to over 1700 downloads and we […]

How to Create a Course That Sells

how to create a course that sells

Figuring out how to create a course that sells shouldn’t be hard right? If you are an aspiring course creator who’s thinking about creating a course or a seasoned course creator with a lack of sales…this video is for you as I share the 5 steps you need to follow in order to create a […]

How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn Them into More Content


Wondering about how to take your content and repurpose it quickly? In this video, I share Question #2: How to Get Cheap Transcriptions and Turn into More Content Find out what service I use to get a transcription in 30 minutes or less for about a dollar. You’ll also find out how I use transcriptions […]

How Can I Create Video Content FAST?

create video content

Strapped for time but you know you want/need to create video content? I get asked this question all the time…how do I create video content FAST? In this video, I’ve got some time-saving tips that you can use to crank out video content without wasting a ton of time. In fact, I used these same […]

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